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We promote societal, community, relationship, and individual wellness through a variety of events and presentations related to holistic wellness.

The LiveWell office offers educational presentations to classes, student organizations and other groups on a variety of wellness topics.  The office also serves as the host of the “Don’t Cancel Class” series of presentations for academic instructors who would like to request a presentation when they must miss a class.   To request an educational presentation, you may contact the LiveWell Office at (843) 349-4031, click the program request link on the left, or come by the LiveWell Office in the Lib Jackson Student Union, Room B202.


The Don't Cancel Class Program Spring 2018:

The LiveWell Office will offer “Don’t Cancel Class” during the Spring 2018 semester along with some new and returning campus partners. If you know in advance that you will be missing a class, it is preferred that you call in advance and schedule a presentation on the topic of your choice.  This will help all of our students take advantage of every possible educational moment to develop not only intellectually, but emotionally and behaviorally as well. If you need to cancel a class, you or your administrative specialists are asked to call the name listed beside your chosen session.

When scheduling a “Don’t Cancel Class” program, please don’t mention to your students that you won’t be in class that day since this often leads to students skipping class.  We will be happy to take attendance during the class.

This semester we will be highlighting the following programs:




Introduction to Counseling Services   This session will provide a guided tour of the services offered in Counseling Services. **If you would like a clinician to come to your class to talk about a specific mental health topic, please indicate this when making your request** Chris Donevant-Haines at or 349-5022
Conquering Conflict This interactive session will address the many ways students experience conflict and effective techniques to manage conflict in interpersonal relationships. Chris Donevant-Haines at or 349-5022
Step Up! Bystander Intervention   With a focus on:1)Depression/Suicide OR2)Dating/Domestic/Sexual Violence. Chris Donevant-Haines at or 349-5022
OMG! I’m Losing It! An interactive program which is designed to help students recognize the signs of stress and provide strategies and techniques to help manage stress levels. Chris Donevant-Haines at or  349-5022
Alcohol & Other Drugs Three program options:1) A presentation on current CCU student data as well as effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs on college students.2) A student to student presentation on our campus norms and the Wally Social Norms campaign.3) A presentation that addresses current trends and recent research relating to the effects of marijuana use. Lee Carter at or 349-4156
Sexual Health Jeopardy An interactive Jeopardy style program designed to improve student knowledge about sexual health (consent, STIs, etc.) and safer sexual behaviors. Mike Cruise at or 349-6626
Introduction to Biofeedback Learn how to decrease stress and improve your ability to sleep by utilizing biofeedback technology. This program will explain biofeedback and its role in controlling stress. A demonstration will be provided showing real life application. Mike Cruise at or 349-6626
Healthy Eating on Campus During this presentation, students will learn about the wide variety of resources available on campus to help them make healthier eating choices. Molly Ford at  or349-2704
Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Differences The workshops address issues of power, prejudice, and discrimination as a way to engage students in discussing and sharing their perceptions and experiences. These presentations focus on various aspects of diversity, multiculturalism, multicultural sensitivity and Social Justice. Three program options:1) Equal vs. Equitable: A Social Justice Seminar2) Power, Privilege, and Discrimination: An exploration of socio-cultural identities3) Leveraging Differences Pat Singleton-Young atpsyoung@coastal.eduDr. Franklin Ellis or349-2863
Teal Goes Green  Learn about recycling, composting, sustainable transportation, farmers markets, Pop-Up Thrift Shop, Campus Salvage, and many other items that help you go green. You will also hear how you can get involved at CCU and within the community.  Jeremy Monday at or 349-6954
Gender and Popular Culture Popular culture is never simply entertainment. It provides us with the stories, images, and scripts that enable us to imagine and practice our identities. In this presentation, students will learn how popular culture generates and articulates our understandings of gender and sexuality and their intersections with other identity markers such as race, class, and ability. Dr. Ina Seethaler   or 349-6919
Making Sense of Financial Aid Learn the financial aid and scholarships process from start to finish, the conversation will focus not only on applying for and receiving aid, but also on how to maintain eligibility.   Wendy H. Watts atwwatts@coastal.eduor 349.2313
SAFE Response to Violence The S.A.F.E. method is meant to empower individuals during a threatening situation and equip them with ideas and knowledge of what to do in dangerous situations by proactively providing a plan of action. The session will include both presentation and audience participation exercises that help promote the S.A.F.E. response to violence model. Lt. Bobby Pellerin atrpelleri@coastal.eduor 349-2518