University Street Addresses - Coastal Carolina University
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CCU campus street addresses

Following are street addresses for delivery purposes for select Coastal Carolina University buildings. 

  Academic Office/Classroom II 115 Chanticleer Drive East
  Norman Field House 935 One Landon Loop
  Arcadia Hall 132 Chanticleer Drive West
  Atheneum Hall 104 Independence Drive
  Atlantic Hall 642 Century Circle
  Baxley Hall 100 Chanticleer Drive East
  Brittain Hall 125 Chanticleer Drive West
  Brooks Stadium/Garland Academic Center 905 One Landon Loop
  Brooks Stadium/Ward Sports Performance Center 925 One Landon Loop
  B&C Center for Marine and Wetland Studies 290 Allied Drive
  Coastal Band Hall 120 Winyah Road
  Coastal Science Center 301 Allied Drive
  Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts 133 Chanticleer Drive West
  Environmental Health and Safety, Transportation 470 Allied Drive
  Evergreen Hall (Mense Hall) 107 Chanticleer Drive East
  Georgetown Education Center 909 Front Street (Georgetown 29440)
  Hackler Golf Course One Joe Carter Way
  Hampton Hall 108 Tom Trout Drive
  HTC Center 104 Founders Drive
  Human Resources 95 University Boulevard
  Indigo Hall 104 Tom Trout Drive
  Ingle Hall 160 Township Circle
  Jackson Student Union 100 Spadoni Park Circle
  Kearns Hall 386 University Boulevard
  Kimbel Library/Bryan Information Commons 376 University Boulevard
  Kingston Hall 106 Chanticleer Drive East
  Laurel Center 106 Tom Trout Drive
  Litchfield Education Center 14427 Ocean Highway (Pawleys Island 29585)
  Myrtle Beach Education Center 900 79th Avenue North (Myrtle Beach 29572)
  Prince Building 100 Tom Trout Drive
  Sands Hall 107 Founders Drive
  Scholars Academy 104 Chanticleer Drive East
  Science Annex II 107 Chanticleer Drive East
  Singleton Building 103 Tom Trout Drive
  Smith Science Center 109 Chanticleer Drive East
  Stevens Tennis Complex 369 Allied Drive
  Student Health Services 204 University Boulevard
  Swain Hall 111 Chanticleer Drive East
  Wall College of Business Administration 119 Chanticleer Drive East
  Wheelwright Auditorium 108 Spadoni Park Circle
  Williams-Brice Building 105 Independence Drive
  Winyah Hall/Facilities 1 102 Shop Road