FAQs - Coastal Carolina University
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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Mail Services at CCU?
How is mail processed in Mail Services?
How am I notified when my package is available for pickup?
How do I send letters and packages?
What forms of payment are accepted?
Does Mail Services sell mailing supplies?
How do I send FedEx or UPS packages?
What time does the mail go out?
Does Mail Services process money orders?

For Students and Families

How do I find my mailbox number?
What address do I use to send and receive packages through Mail Services?
What do I need to bring to pick up my mail?
What happens if my package was addressed incorrectly?
My delivery service says my package was delivered. Why haven't I received an email to my CCU email address notifying me it's ready for pickup?

Package Lockers

What are package lockers?
How do I use the package lockers?
Do the package lockers open on their own?
When can I pickup my package from the package lockers?


How much does a passport cost?
Do you provide passport photos?
What citizenship evidence do I need to provide?
How do I check the status of my application?
I need my passport sooner than I thought. What can I do?
Additional questions

For Faculty and Staff

How should mail be addressed to faculty and staff?
Where does faculty and staff mail get delivered on campus?
How do I send intraoffice mail?

For additional questions, please contact the Mail Services team at 843-349-2156.