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Coastal Geology Research

Areas of Research
  • Coastal processes, beach erosion, and shoreline migration (Paul Gayes, Rich Viso, Eric Wright)
  • Geologic development and sedimentology of coastal, shelf, and wetland environments (Paul Gayes, Rich Viso, Eric Wright)
  • Landscape evolution (Eric Wright)
  • Quanternary Geochronology, sea level change and fluvial coastal geology (Zhixiong Shen)
  • Paul Gayes, Ph.D. (Palmetto Professor of Marine Science and Geology) is a coastal oceanographer active in studies of the evolution of coastal systems on a range of time and spatial scales. He is director of Coastal Carolina’s Center for Marine and Wetland Studies. He is currently involved in numerous framework geologic studies, investigations of the behavior and impacts of nourished beaches, study of nearshore hardbottom habitats and inner shelf resources and relative sea level change. Present study areas include the beaches and inner shelf along the east coast.
  • Rich Viso, Ph.D. (Instructor, Assistant Director of CMWS) is a marine geologist with interests in seafloor morphology and submarine groundwater discharge. His research typically involves use of geophysical tools to interrogate the seafloor and sub-bottom. Examples include multibeam studies of coastal marine environments and studies of the electrical structures of coastal sediments to determine groundwater flow paths.
  • Eric Wright, Ph.D. (Professor) is a marine and coastal geologist. His research interests focus on the geologic development and sedimentology of coastal, shelf and wetland environments.
  • Zhixiong Shen, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor) received his B.Sc. from the Department of Urban and Environmental Sciences in Peking University, China in 2002 and Ph.D. from the Department of Geography in the University of Liverpool, Britain in 2007. Shen worked as a McWilliams Postdoctoral Research Associate during 2007-2012 and a Research Assistant Professor during 2012-2014 at Tulane University, and joined Coastal Carolina University in August 2014. Shen has research interests in quaternary geochronology, earth surface processes, neotectonics, environmental change, sea-level change and fluvial and coastal geology.

  • Patrick Limber, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor) uses numerical models and physical observations to understand how coastlines change through time, specializing in coastal cliff erosion and the movement of beach sand by waves and currents.