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University Communication

Coastal Carolina University
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Monica B. Fine

Marketing-Finance Interface, Risk, Financial Analysts, Marketing Spending, Firm Performance, Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street, Long-Run Firm Performance, Underpricing, Stock Recommendations, Initial Public Offering, Marketing Strategy, Econometric Model, Firm Risk, Make versus Buy Decisions in B2B, Media Coverage, Mergers/Acquisitions, Solution Sellers, Valuation of Brand Acquisitions.

E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration

Monica B. Fine, assistant professor of marketing, joined the Coastal Carolina University in the fall of 2011. She earned a bachelor's and MBA degrees from Northwest Missouri State University in 2004 and 2006, respectively, and a Ph.D. in business administration from Florida Atlantic University in 2011. She is co-author of the article, "Role model influence on word-of-mouth, loyalty and switching behaviors of dog owners," in the Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business (2012). Her research interests include finance and marketing interface, the analysis of the make versus buy decision between a buying center or an outside solution seller in a business-to-business market, the effects of visibility (media coverage) of the firm during mergers and acquisitions, pricing of services/solutions from the sellers perspective, valuation of brand acquisitions, financial analysts, initial public offerings, firm risk, and short and long-run firm performance.

Her research focuses on the market-finance interface.

Contact Information
Phone: 843-349-2229