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Student Resources

Math Handouts

The following handouts are in .pdf format. You may view them using Acrobat Reader, a free pdf viewer.

Business Calculus Practice Exams

Please note: These exams are excellent tools for practice and will give you an idea of the length of an exam. Due to changes in course content from one semester to the next, they are not meant to be an indication of all the types of problems to expect on your exam.

Exam 1a Fall 2012 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 1a Fall 2012 Key (.pdf)

Exam 1b Fall 2012 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 1b Fall 2012 Key (.pdf)

Exam 2a Fall 2012 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 2a Fall 2012 Key (.pdf)

Exam 2b Fall 2012 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 2b Fall 2012 Key (.pdf)

Exam 3a Fall 2012 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 3a Fall 2012 Key (.pdf)

Exam 3b Fall 2012 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 3b Fall 2012 Key (.pdf)

Exam 3 Summer I 2012 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 3 Summer I 2012 Key (.pdf)

Exam 2 Summer I 2012 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 2 Summer I 2012 Key (.pdf)

Exam 1 Summer I 2012 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 1 Summer I 2012 Key (.pdf)

Exam 1a Spring 2012 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 1a Spring 2012 Key (.pdf)

Exam 1b Spring 2012 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 1b Spring 2012 Key (.pdf)

Exam 1a Fall 2011 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 1a Fall 2011 Key (.pdf)

Exam 1b Fall 2011 Key (.pdf)

Exam 1a Spring 2011 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 1b Spring 2011 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 1c Spring 2011 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 1a Blank (.pdf)

Exam 1a Key (.pdf)

Exam 1d Blank (.pdf)

Exam 1d Key (.pdf)

Exam 2a Fall 2011 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 2a Fall 2011 Key (.pdf)

Exam 2b Fall 2011 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 2b Fall 2011 Key (.pdf)

Exam 2a Spring 2011 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 2b Spring 2011 Key (.pdf)

Exam 2c Spring 2011 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 2b Fall 2010 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 2e Fall 2010 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 2a Blank (.pdf)

Exam 2b Blank (.pdf)

Exam 2b Key (.pdf)

Exam 2e Blank (.pdf)

Exam 2e Key (.pdf)

Exam 2a v2 Key (.pdf)

Exam 2b v3 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 3a Fall 2011 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 3b Fall 2011 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 3a Spring 2011 Blank (.pdf)

Exam 3a Blank (.pdf)

Exam 3a Key (.pdf)

Exam 3a v2 Key (.pdf)

Trigonometry Handouts

Six Trigonometric Ratios (.pdf)

Unit Circle (.pdf)

Graphs and Properties of the Six Trigonometric Functions (.pdf)

Trigonometric Identities (.pdf)

Oblique Triangles, Area Formulas (.pdf)

Exercise Set for Trigonometric Equations (With Answers) (.pdf)

Calculus Handouts

Common Derivatives and Integrals (.pdf)

Derivatives, Integrals, Properties of Inverse Trigonometric, Hyperbolic Functions (.pdf)

Volumes of Solids of Revolution (.pdf)

Arc Length and Surface Area (.pdf)

Moments and Centers of Mass (.pdf)

Integration By Parts (.pdf)

Trigonometric Substitution (.pdf)

Partial Fractions Decomposition (.pdf)

Parametric Formulas (.pdf)

Polar Notes (.pdf)

Math Resource Slides

The items that follow are similar to Power Point presentations. Explanations and exercises are included with most topics.

Remedial Topics




Questions or Comments

Send comments or feedback to Charles Whiffen, Math Lab Coordinator

"This project was funded in part by the Coastal Educational Foundation's support of Coastal Carolina University's Teaching with Technology Microgrant Program."

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