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Videos and Other Helpful Tools

We are directing you to tools that will help with your progress to familiarity with music fundamentals. This is not comprehensive, but rather tries to get you familiar with the most common musical ideas as a way to get you started in each area. Among these are:

Videos: Professor Donald Sloan, coordinator of the music theory and musicianship area, has made a series of videos for each topic. Think of these as 5-15 minute lessons to introduce you to each topic. The links to these videos are posted below.



Website: A free website,, is a wonderful resource for learning, practicing and assessing your music fundamentals. The three main areas of this site are lessons, exercises and tools. The lessons are a web-based resource for the material we are covering. The exercises are ways to practice in order to increase your skills and to test yourself to see how you are progressing. The tools are various calculators that can serve as references, showing you the correct answers for any problem.

Apps: The material on this website has also been developed into a pair of iOS apps: Music Lessons and Tenuto, corresponding to the Lessons for the first app, Exercises and Tools for the Tenuto app. They are only available for the iPhone/iPad family and cost $2.99 and $3.99 respectively. The advantage to getting the apps is to be able to take your practice with you wherever you go. You can still work from the website (even from your mobile device browser) without the apps, but they are a nice feature.

Our help: If you need our help, you can send us an email. Perhaps we can answer your question that way, or even schedule a one-on-one video chat to keep you moving in the right direction.  Our contact information is:


Our contact information is:

Dr. Donald Sloan, Professor of Music: 

Dr. Andrew Fowler, Lecturer in Music: