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Fall 2017 Wind Ensemble Audition Requirements

The Coastal Carolina University Wind Ensemble is the premiere wind band of Coastal Carolina University and its members represent the finest wind and percussion players in the department of music and throughout the CCU community.  Membership is selected by blind audition. Although a high percentage of the ensemble members are majoring in music, this is not a requirement. The Wind Ensemble meets two days per week during both the fall and spring semesters (Tuesday/Thursday 3:35pm- 4:50pm) and performs two concerts each semester.

Please note that the information provided here is for the Wind Ensemble auditions only. The CCU Band area also offers participation in our second concert band (Symphonic Band) that meets only during the spring semester.  No audition is required for membership in the Symphonic Band. 

• Jazz ensemble auditions are handled through Dr. Matthew White (

• Percussion ensemble(s) are handled through Dr. Jesse Willis (

Scheduling Your Wind Ensemble Audition

Auditions for the CCU Wind Ensemble are Sunday, August 20, 2017. Auditions will be held in the CCU Band Hall behind a screen to protect your identity. Please see the time frames below for your specific instrument as well as PDF links to the required audition music. 

Audition Times Frames


10:00am- 10:42am


10:42am- 11:10am


11:10am- 11:31am


11:31am- 11:38am

Bass Clarinet

11:38am- 12:27pm


12:27pm- 1:24pm


3:00pm- 3:42pm


3:42pm- 4:31pm


4:31pm- 5:06pm


5:06pm- 5:34pm


5:34pm- 6:16pm


All auditions are scheduled through the CCU Band administrative assistant, Mrs. Barbara Sheffield. In order to obtain an audition time, you must call or email the band office at (843) 349-6480 or email Mrs. Sheffield ( Once you provide your instrument and additional information to Mrs. Sheffield you will be assigned your specific audition time. 

Results from the auditions will be emailed to all applicants and posted at the CCU Band Hall on the evening of August 20, 2017 following auditions. Music and folders should be picked up from Mrs. Sheffield on Monday, August 21, 2017 at the CCU Band Hall in preparation for the first full rehearsal on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

Audition Requirements

The Wind Ensemble auditions will consist of the following:

Major scales: (prepare all 12) You will be asked to play 3-4 scales at random

Chromatic scale: (full range of the instrument, ascending and descending) Start on your best sounding low pitch and play to your best sounding high pitch.

Excerpts: (3) Download and prepare each excerpt for your instrument. You will perform all excerpts during your audition. Observe all suggested tempo markings.

Sight-reading: You will be asked to study a short segment of music for 1 minute and then be asked to perform that musical segment.

What to Do Before/After Your Audition

• Arrive at the CCU Band Hall at least 20 minutes before your scheduled audition time

 • Warm up (practice rooms)

• 7 minutes before your scheduled audition time please be waiting outside of the band room, CBH Room 116 (remember to keep noise at a minimum, auditions will be in process)

• Once you enter the audition room please be certain not to speak. If you have a question, please get the attention of Mrs. Sheffield (who will be in the room) and gesture to move into the hallway.

• You will be asked to play scales, followed by your prepared excepts, followed by sight-reading. Remember not to speak while in the audition room. We want to keep your identity secret.

• After the audition you will gather your materials and exit the room.  

Course Information 

The course number for the Wind Ensemble is as: MUS 124A 01 (146924). All accepted members of the ensemble are required to be current students registered through CCU/HGTC.  The course may be taken for 1 or 0 credit hour.  The course meets on Tuesday/Thursday from 3:35pm- 4:50 in the CCU Band Hall. We recommend that if you are planning to audition for the Wind Ensemble that you register for the course. We will help sort out your registration after the auditions are finalized. If you are having problems with registration, please contact the music department administrative assistant, Mrs. Paula Gwaltney ( or (843) 349-2637. 

If you have any questions concerning the audition process please contact Dr. T. André Feagin, director of bands ( or (843) 349-5081.

Good luck!