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About The Atheneum This is your newsletter.

Chaucey About The Atheneum

Welcome to The Atheneum, Coastal Carolina University's employee newsletter. The mission of The Atheneum is to cover this campus in a candid and personal way. We want to focus on connections – the connections of our faculty and staff to one another, to the campus community and to the wider world community.

But we cannot have a successful newsletter without you and your help, so please send us news, notes and photos. We plan to cover everything from the birth of a child to people who are doing amazing things both on and off campus. People love working at Coastal Carolina University because of its sense of community, and that's what we plan to spotlight.

The Atheneum is named for the elegant, white-columned structure behind Atheneum Hall. Built in 1966, the Atheneum serves as the campus symbol and is depicted in the university logo. In ancient Athens, the Greek temple of Athene was where professors and students met. It was named for Zeus' daughter Athena, who embodies wisdom and reason. The Atheneum has come to be recognized as a symbol of a meeting place for people engaged in scientific and literary pursuits.

The Atheneum will be published online monthly by the Office of University Communication.