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Chauncey’s Champion Someone making a difference.

Chauncey's Champion: When a name is more than a name

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Rocken Roll, a community coordinator in CCU's Department of University Housing, was nominated for Chauncey's Champion for being such a
Rocken Roll, a community coordinator in CCU's Department of University Housing, was nominated for Chauncey's Champion for being such a "helpful co-worker" and "positive force."

When most people meet Rocken Roll, a community coordinator in the Department of University Housing, the first question they ask is if that’s her real name. After telling them it is indeed her name, she politely smiles, listens to the same name jokes she has heard her entire life and keeps moving. Most often, she is asked if “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” if her favorite Christmas carol, or is told she must be stuck between a rock and a hard place. As annoying as this can sometimes be, Roll takes it in stride.

Her father, Christopher Roll, is the culprit, she said. He told her that, having the last name Roll, he felt he owed it to his generation to name his newborn daughter “Rocken.” Her younger brother, Jagger Howland Vaughan Roll, is named for Mick Jagger and Stevie Ray Vaughan. To top it off, Roll’s middle name is Anna, which is a family name. Her parents wanted to give her the choice to go by Anna when she got older in case she was not a fan of Rocken.

“The only time I ever got teased about my name by my classmates was in second grade,” Roll said. “Kids seemed to be really mean that year, but never really brought it up again after that. I would say they got used to it.”

Roll grew up in Melbourne, Fla., with her parents and brother. After graduating from high school, she pursued her undergraduate degree at the University of South Florida (USF). While working on her degree in anthropology with minors in psychology and leadership studies, she began working as a resident assistant for university housing at USF. Soon after, she became a member of the Residence Hall Association, worked on multicultural students programs and diversity initiatives, and served in other leadership roles on campus.

Her adviser for National Residence Hall Honorary, a leadership-based organization comprised of exemplary students who value recognition and service, suggested she continue her education at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Ind. After completing her master’s degree in college student affairs, she attended a student affairs career placement event. In the orientation session, she sat beside a woman who suggested she check out the job openings at Coastal Carolina University.

Back at her hotel that night, she learned online that CCU was pet-friendly and applied right away. “Seeing CCU was pet-friendly was a big deal for me because I was pretty committed to my cat, Patches, at that point and was looking for a university that allowed pets in housing,” said Roll. The calico has been a part of Roll’s life since she was a senior in college and has moved all around with her. Shortly after she submitted her application, she was offered an interview and then accepted a position as housing services coordinator in 2015.

During her first, year she oversaw the 24 hour residential desks and was responsible for all desk operations. She was in charge of the desk assistants and managers and all the loner keys that are used when students lock themselves out of their residence halls. “I missed student interactions and wanted to find a way to become more involved,” said Roll.
She transitioned into the community coordinator position for the Blue Ridge housing community at University Place and has held the position for two years. Her days are spent overseeing the nine Blue Ridge resident assistants and the nine buildings in that housing community. She also advises CCU’s Residence Hall Association.

Adrian Anderson, a senior interdisciplinary studies major with a student affairs focus, works as a resident assistant for the Blue Ridge community.

“Rocken has been a positive force in my life since we met at a desk assistant interview my freshman year here,” said Anderson. “Whether I’m in her office giving updates about my residents or telling her about how crazy my week has been, she’s always willing to listen and share advice, a smile or even a hug whenever I’ve needed one.”

Willette Capers, the assistant director for University Place, nominated Roll for Chauncey’s Champions. “Rocken Roll is a fantastic example of a helpful co-worker,” said Capers. “She has provided many resources to the new community coordinators that have made many processes seamless and easy. Rocken has been an asset to the University Place Community Coordinator staff as she goes above and beyond to make sure everyone understands what we are doing.”

When she’s not working, Roll enjoys spending her time outdoors, visiting family in Florida or on the West Coast, and swimming with her significant other, Chase. She is also a member of the alto section in the Carolina Master Chorale in Myrtle Beach. “I was really involved with community theater and musicals when I was younger, and this gives me the opportunity to continue singing and performing,” she said.

Each day, Roll strives to make a positive impact on students, faculty/staff and the entire Coastal community. “When I came here, I saw that people on campus truly care about each other,” said Roll. “Student success and building relationships to help students succeed are extremely important, and Coastal strongly encourages that.”

Chauncey's Service Excellence Champions are University employees (faculty or staff) who perform service-oriented actions that meet at least one dimension of service quality. These employees are recognized for outstanding performance and embody the Feel the Teal initiative. To nominate someone for Chauncey's Champion, visit, fill out the form and submit it. Nominees will receive an exclusive Chauncey's Champion pullover as well as consideration for additional recognition, including shout-outs on social media, a feature in the monthly faculty/staff newsletter, public recognition at CCU sporting events and more!

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Rocken Roll with her significant other, Chase Benford, on a trip to Scotland they made in fall of 2017. Rocken Roll with her brother Jagger. Their dad wanted to make the most of his last name. Rocken Roll, a community coordinator in CCU's Department of University Housing, was nominated for Chauncey's Champion for being such a "helpful co-worker" and "positive force."
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