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Chaucey Aboutu

Reflecting on 5-Years of Service -- We are NOT done!

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It was an absolute pleasure to see so many smiling faces present to celebrate the Five-Year Anniversary of Feel the Teal last month. The event, while it provided a grand celebration, also offered us a moment to reflect on how Feel the Teal has impacted our community. I took a few minutes during the event to share my reflections, and I’d like to share my thoughts here as well.

It turns out, regardless of what people thought, when we made service excellence a priority on our campus, we were not crazy. It was well received and we’ve seen it successfully implemented across our campus. Today, I believe we have reached what we call our critical mass. People consistently comment to me and others on the great community we have here. They feel welcome at CCU and you are the reason for that.

While we’ve had more than 600 employees complete the entire Feel the Teal training series and just over 900 complete the initial service basics module, we are not done! As I say at our Feel the Teal events, this is not the end; it is really the beginning. While I won’t be here for the 10-year celebration, I’d like to share a few ways we can all continue to Feel the Teal!

Take the training modules, or encourage someone in your office to do so. These are the foundation of our service.
Double check the little details that impact service. Does your email signature have the appropriate information in it for someone to find you? How does the signage around your office look? Does your out-of -office message include someone to reach in your absence?
Show more school pride. It may be a Feel the Teal® sticker on your car or computer or attending an extra cultural arts event. However you do it, we can all be proud members of Teal nation.
Find a way in your department to make a process faster, friendlier and easier!
I look forward to watching more and more of our community experience Feel the Teal in the coming years. If the past five are any indication of future success we are in excellent hands. Thank you for continuing to feel the teal.


David A. Decenzo, Ph.D.

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