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Work In Progress Construction updates.

Chaucey Work in Progress
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  • » Summer updates on campus construction

    Summer is a busy time for renovation and construction on campus. Here’s an update on ongoing projects:

    Campus moves

    More than 160 moves are scheduled to take place over the summer on main campus and east campus. These moves require boxes and furniture to be moved, computers and phones to be switched by ITS, and keys to be redistributed per policy. The following departments have moved recently:

    • The math, physics and psychology departments have all moved into the newly renovated Smith Science Center.
    • Sponsored Programs and Research Services has moved into Suite 160 of the Coastal Science Center.
    • University Communication’s graphic arts staff moved into 450B Century Circle.
    • Several of the Financial Services staff members moved into 450C Century Circle.
    • The payroll office has moved into Coastal Science Center 313 and 321.

    Hicks Dining Hall

    Facilities Planning and Management is replacing the existing dishwasher system at Hicks Dining Hall. The upgraded system is designed to support the number of meals that are being served currently and in the future at Hicks.

    The project began on May 9. The previous dishwasher, existing walls, and plumbing and electrical work have been demolished. The new dishwasher was installed the week of June 18.

    Baxley Hall (Welcome Center)

    The Welcome Center at Baxley Hall is getting a renovation this September. Upgrades include creating a new entranceway, placing the University seal in the hallway of the Welcome Center, creating two additional closets, relocating the reception desk, installing touch screen kiosks, and adding wall space between two existing columns so that a new video board can be installed.

    Once that work is completed, University Staff will install new carpeting and tiles and paint the walls.

    The project requires work from the facilities, electrical and ITS departments at CCU. Renovations at the Baxley Hall Welcome Center will begin Sept. 10, and the project is expected to be completed that same month.

    Wall Building

    The Wall Building has been undergoing renovations on all three floors. The second and third floors are now complete, and renovations for the first floor are being scheduled. The goal is to begin on the first floor in December.

    Painting and floorcovering will take place in all offices, classrooms, hallways, conference rooms and restrooms. ITS is also replacing the cabling to the offices and classrooms.

    Facilities staff is scheduling Rooms 108, 110 and 117 to be painted; they determined that Room 120 needs to be painted and have new carpeting installed. Once ITS finishes the work that needs to be done in those rooms, the painting and carpet replacement will begin.

    HTC / Founders Drive Sidewalk

    Construction of a new sidewalk from the crosswalk at the HTC Center down beside Founders Drive is taking place. The existing sidewalk will be connected near the fire hydrant. The University is working with Castles Engineering and Benton Concrete & Utilities as the contractor.

    Construction began June 4. On June 11, the relocation of the fire hydrant was complete, and the first concrete placement began the next day.

    University Place
    Installation of new flooring in University Place residence hall units continues. The project is completed in UP 970 and UP 980. Work is near completion in UP 118, 120, 122, and 138. Work in UP 1005, 1015, and 1025 is scheduled to take place June 11 through July 13.

    Kearns Hall
    The elevator shaft area in Kearns Hall is being drilled out so that the elevator can be repaired. The drilling crew arrived on June 4 and finished on June 6.

    Palmetto Sports Floors
    The HTC Center is set up for floor maintenance from July 19-30. There is also discussion about changing the floor stain color on the court.

    Campus Mass Notification System
    Outdoor warning/mass notification equipment is being installed in several areas across campus. This equipment includes large speaker arrays mounted onto buildings and poles erected throughout the east campus, The Gardens residential complex, University Place residential complex, YY Parking Lot, Elvington Place, and inside Chanticleer,  Tradition, CINO and Teal halls.

    According to the estimated timeline, reviews of the project are scheduled in the upcoming months, and the bid is expected to be opened in November. Construction is expected to begin Jan. 19, 2019, and the work is scheduled to be completed on Aug. 17, 2019.