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Chaucey Work in Progress
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  • » Emerging Professionals Network in development at CCU

    *Editor's note: Work In Progress originally aimed to updated faculty and staff on construction updates. We have transitioned this section to discuss any developments on campus.

    Through a campuswide approach to professional development in line with the strategic plan (S.P. S3: 3.1.1.), Training, Development and Service Excellence (TDSE) has developed a Professional Development Advisory Group. This group includes employees of Coastal Carolina University, as well as community partners who want to invest in themselves and flourish professionally. Its mission is to educate, provide resources, and share thoughts and ideas on advanving the best approach to professional development.

    The Professional Development Advisory Group recommended that TDSE research the possibility of creating a campus network specifically for those who identify as emerging professionals (someone who has been in their current field for less than seven years). Ideally, the network will include those interested in helping cultivate emerging professionals as well, offering expertise and knowledge from their years of experience.

    An “Emerging Professionals Interest Survey” was sent out to faculty and staff, and the results show that 79 percent consider themselves as an emerging professional at CCU, 54 percent are interested in being a part of an organization supporting emerging professionals, and 25 percent would like to learn more about such an organization. These results reveal a desire for this type of networking on campus, so TDSE moved forward with creating one.

    Professionals getting their start within a career can benefit from trainings, roundtable discussions, mentorships and community gatherings, all geared toward helping them succeed and reach their potential. As a campus initiative, TDSE wants to make sure emerging professionals are supported by the campus community, find worth and value in their work, and feel ready to advance at CCU.

    Overall, the group is dedicated to helping emerging professionals develop into a working professional they’ve always aspired to be.

    The network is looking for interested participants, either as emerging professionals themselves or mentors for the group. If you are interested, please complete the interest form here.