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CeTEAL: Leading Students Abroad: Developing a Faculty-led Program Proposal (Session 2 of a 2-session series) Bookmark and Share

Jan 29

12:15 p.m. @ KRNS 210

Series Description
This two-session series brings together CCU faculty and staff who have interest in proposing a short-term international program in collaboration with the Center for Global Engagement. Education abroad is an excellent opportunity for CCU students to develop their résumés, professional skills, travel skills, and global awareness. Last year, 36 CCU faculty and staff led 241 students abroad through 17 unique faculty-led programs. We encourage you to considering connecting with your students outside of the classroom AND the country, and we are committed to offering the support you need to develop a program that complies with CCU policies, observes international education best practices, and has tremendous academic appeal to a broad range of students.
In the first session, with prospective Education Abroad Program Leaders will receive an overview of the CCU Faculty-led Program Proposal Form, the online program registration process, and the student application process. In the second session, colleagues who have successfully led CCU students abroad will dialogue about what the program development and in-country experiences are like, answer questions, and provide tips. Consultations and collaboration will follow.

Learning Outcomes – Session #1
After attending session one of the workshop, attendees will be able to:
1. Connect with the Director of Education Abroad for further conversation and/or questions about leading students abroad with CCU.
2. Follow instructions for obtaining the necessary approvals to register a CCU faculty-led program.
3. Name the two primary functions of the TerraDotta software used by Education Abroad.
4. Reference faculty-led program development resources.
5. Navigate the Center for Global Engagement’s website.

Learning Outcomes – Session #2
After attending session two of the workshop, attendees will be able to:
1. Connect with at least one campus colleague who has led CCU students abroad.
2. Select an academically relevant destination such that the program intentionally leverages its environment to support an internationalized course curriculum.
3. Identify three unique opportunities of traveling abroad with college students.
4. Identify three unique challenges of traveling abroad with college students.
5. Articulate the diverse roles and responsibilities of Education Abroad Program Leaders to include program advisor, application approver, marketer, recruiter, crisis manager, and logistics coordinator. 

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