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Jan 14

2 p.m. @ KRNS 210

Do you need some deadlines for your writing? Do you need to get productive? Write and submit an article in 12 weeks. The process works! Join the growing number of faculty who have written, submitted, and published articles, conference proposals, book proposals, and presentations from our circles! Based on Belcher’s framework for writing an article in 12 weeks, we will begin the process together as a circle of friends working to produce! So mark your calendar for 12 weeks of productive writing! Bring your laptop/iPad/netbook to the session as well, because participants will have time to write. We will decide a time that is best for you to meet at the same place/time for 12 weeks. If this time slot does not work, let us know! We are here to help you! Each session begins with the participants sharing what they have accomplished and what they plan to complete during the upcoming week.

Participants will:
• Engage in planning their writing time
• Apply strategies taught in the sessions to their projects
• Discuss their paper, progress, and plans

Wk 1: Designing a Writing Plan
Wk 2: Starting Your Article
Wk 3: Advancing Your Argument
Wk 4: Selecting a Journal
Wk 5: Reviewing the Related Literature
Wk 6: Strengthening Your Structure
Wk 7: Presenting Your Evidence
Wk 8: Opening and Concluding Your Article
Wk 9: Giving & Getting Other’s Feedback, Revising
Wk 10: Editing Your Sentences
Wk 11: Wrapping Up Your Article
Wk 12: Sending Your Article!
WkX: Responding to a Publisher 

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