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CCU Atheneum: Roger Brown.
Roger Brown.

More than 20 staff members join the CCU family

by Caroline P. Rohr
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We welcome more than 20 new staff members to the Coastal Carolina University family this month.

New employees include a triathaloner, a semi-professional baseball player, a foster parent and a chocolate-hater. Get to know the new staff by reading these brief introductions below.

Lisa Bair is an administrative specialist in the Department of Chemistry who is happy to be returning to CCU after an eight-year absence. Her favorite food is maple doughnuts, and she has lived on four different continents!

Leslie Barrett Brown is an academic adviser for the HTC Honors College and Center for Interdisciplinary Studies. She is originally from West Virginia and loves the beach, music and reading. She is the mom of 1-year-old Tre and worked in hospitality for Hilton before moving to Myrtle Beach.

Roger Brown is a custodian with facilities operations originally from Allendale, S.C. He loves pizza and “all things KFC,” as well as basketball and software programming. He also graduated from Coastal.

Austin Causey is a security office for the Department of Public Safety. He is originally from Loris, S.C., and has never lived outside of Horry County. He has two dogs, Maddie and Lucy, and two nieces, Willow, 6, and Olive, 3.

Brandon Cavallo is a security officer with the Department of Public Safety.

Wanda Chandler-Flowers is a data coordinator for the Office of Admissions. She is originally from Andrews, S.C., and loves to read, sew and take pictures. She is also a foster parent.

Ashley Cohen is the associate director of admissions events, originally from Blacksburg, Va. Her favorite food is mac and cheese, and she loves spending time with her family at the beach. She says she is an animal lover, and that her pets are her kids!

Meg Crocker is also a data coordinator for the Office of Admissions, originally from Elmira Heights, N.Y. Her hobbies are tennis, running and spending time with her family, and she chose CCU because she loves the environment of college and academia.

David DeJesus is a security officer with the Department of Public Safety who is originally from Washingtonville, N.Y. He is working toward becoming a teacher, and played semi-professional baseball when he lived in New York. His hobbies are sports, weightlifting, traveling and gaming.

Joanne Ferraro is a data coordinator in the Office of Admissions. Her favorite food is ice cream and she loves crafts and listening to music. She is originally from Kinnelon, N.J., and worked previously at CCU in 2016.

Lucas Green is an institutional research analyst with Institutional Research. He loves to travel, having visited Europe three different times, and he was born and raised in Kentucky.

Anna B. Howard is a staff accountant for the Coastal Educational Foundation. She loves mashed potatoes, music and painting, and she is originally from Hughesville, Md. Her undergraduate degree is in dance, and she is a current graduate student at CCU.

Kaitlyn Maines-Presley is an admissions counselor in the Office of Admissions. Her favorite food is avocadoes, and she loves to try new local restaurants. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degree from CCU and lived in Japan for three years.

Taylor Moon is a CCU graduate working in Human Resources as an immigration and compliance specialist. She enjoys Chick-fil-A, hanging out with friends and working out. She worked at CCU for three years during her undergraduate years and loves the CCU atmosphere.

Clare Nolan is an environmental lab technician in the Department of Marine Science who is originally from Evansville, Ind. She is a CCU alumna who loves rock climbing and reading in her spare time. She was born in England and has dual citizenship between the U.S. and Ireland.

Denise Sanata is an academic adviser in the College of Science. She loves running, eating (tacos and chocolate chip cookies) and shopping, and she is originally from Mercer, Pa. She completed her first (“and last!”) triathlon in Chicago last year and says she can list all of the U.S. presidents in order.

Denovar Tate is an administrative specialist for the Office of the Registrar. He loves pasta and casseroles, but he hates chocolate! He graduated from CCU in 2018 and is originally from Spartanburg, S.C. Among his other loves are the color green, basketball and disc golf.

James White is with custodial services. He is originally from Hartsville, S.C., and loves hot dogs and football.

Information about the following new staff members wasn't available: Joe Dessino, Jeffrey Gutierrez, Arcaoio Matos Jr. and Jesse Shelley.


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