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CeTEAL Book Talk: The Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science Bookmark and Share

Mar 20

4 p.m. @ Rotelli's

Join us for a lively conversation about the thoughts and ideas from Open. The creation and spread of knowledge has always redefined the possibilities of the human experience. Among all the inventions of humans—water treatment, bows and arrows, space travel—formal education is, perhaps, the most powerful. Whether in the form of trade apprenticeships, religious schools, or modern universities, education is the principal way in which we pass skills and knowledge from one person, and even one generation, to another. At the heart of education lies an inquiry and understanding of how it is that we come to know. In modern times this includes the development and application of the scientific method, which has become vital to the creation and dissemination of knowledge. As education becomes more accessible, affordable, and flexible, knowledge and skills act, increasingly, as tools for the empowerment for the world’s poor. In fact, studies point to education as being associated with better health, improved well-being, and increased economic empowerment.

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