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CeTEAL: Engaging Students by Integrating "Choice" into your Classes Bookmark and Share

Apr 15

3 p.m. @ KRNS 210
Free but registration required

In traditional higher ed classrooms, decisions about course content and operations are made by the instructor. So, what would happen if we asked students to participate in some of the decision-making about classroom policies, activities and assessments? Could the opportunity for choice affect engagement, accessibility and overall satisfaction? In this session, we will discuss the potential pros and cons of integrating choices into our classes, and we will explore ideas for (and barriers to) giving students more control of how they learn.

Participants will:
• Review a list of classroom activities commonly controlled by the instructor.
• Determine activities and policies that might benefit from student input.
• Discuss ways to share decision-making power with your students.
• Discuss challenges and perceived barriers to offering students choices.
• Consider how you might change an existing activity or policy to allow student choices.

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