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  • Staff complete project to digitize back issues of The Chanticleer student newspaper

    March 8 2019

    A project that has been years in the making is in the very final stages, thanks to the dedication of two Coastal Carolina University employees.

    Scott Bacon, coordinator of digital initiatives for Kimbel Library, and Ben Burroughs, director of the Horry County Archives Center at Kimbel Library, partnered several years ago to digitize and display all of the issues of The Chanticleer, the student-run newspaper at CCU that has been published since 1962. 

    Kimbel Library has been collecting and storing issues of the paper for decades, but the decision to digitize them was so researchers and other stakeholders could access the issues without having to handle the original copies, said Bacon. 

    The process began in Spring 2016. The University of South Carolina Libraries scanned the hard copies of the papers, then Burroughs took those TIFF files, cropped them, combined them and saved them as PDFs. Each PDF had text recognition processing performed on it, which enables the PDF to be searched by keyword.

    Once each issue was scanned and the PDF created, they were batch uploaded to CCU's digital repository, the CCU Digital Commons, in February. 

    "We can all learn something from this collection," said Bacon, "just as we learn history through other historial documents. The Chanticleer may be the only existing record of certain events and occurrences that took place on campus."

    For example, Bacon said, the first issue of The Chanticleer, then called the Fledgling, features the groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Coastal Carolina branch of the University of South Carolina. "The next several hundred issues continue to explore the growth of Coastal, revealing topics of interest to the campus community." (The paper's name changed to The Chanticleer in the fall of 1963.)

    Ian Brooking, senior communication major and current editor of The Chanticleer, echoes those sentiments.

    "There are so many benefits to having the newspaper digitized and accessible to everyone, not just people in the CCU community," he said. "Former alumni who probably don't remember having a paper can go back through the issues and say, 'Wow, I remember when that happened!'"

    Peruse back issues of The Chanticleer here, and view the current newspaper's website here.

  • Professor from Germany is the Health Sciences Visiting International Scholar/Lecturer

    March 18 2019

    Maria (Magdalena) Stuelb is the Health Sciences Visiting International Scholar/Lecturer from Hochschule Koblenz, Rhein Ahr Campus in Germany. She is being hosted by the Department of Health Sciences in the College of Science, and the opportunity is made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Center for Global Engagement and the Erasmus+ Faculty Exchange program.

    Stuelb is a professor of communication and intercultural competence at Hochschule Koblenz (the University of Applied Sciences), RheinAhrCampus in Germany. She is the co-founder and managing partner of the Institute of Migration, Culture and Health (AMIKO), an organization that provides development and implementation of training and education programs in “transcultural nursing” and “managing cultural diversity in health care professions. She is a cultural anthropologist by training, who works with migrant populations. Her research interests include migration and health, maternal and child health, global labor migration, global mobility of health care professionals, transcultural and intercultural competence, as well as transnational social networks.

    "It is a very exciting opportunity to teach here at CCU and to collect enriching experiences!" she said. "In addition, I am very much looking forward to the exchange with colleagues about their research fields and interests and I am very open to discuss joint project options."

    Stuelb's research interests are in the fields of international health care migration and transnational social networks.

    Stuelb's Coastal email address is and her office is in Swain 140A. She will be teaching PUBH 401*S5 Issues in Health Services and Public Health Practice and PUBH 455*S5 Special Topics: Health and Society. 

    She will be giving a Scholar Talk on Monday, April 15, at 4 p.m. in the Alford Ballroom, Atheneum Hall, Room 105 that is open Universitywide.

  • WATCH: #CCUSocialMedia launches "Social at Coastal" campaign

    March 8 2019

  • 18 faculty and staff members retiring from University

    March 12 2019

    Eighteen faculty and staff members have retired or have plans to retire this year. A reception for them will be held on April 9 at 5 p.m. in the Singleton Ballroom, and formal recognition of their service will take place at 5:45 p.m. If you plan to attend, respond by April 3 to or 843-349-2040.

    The following faculty and staff members are retiring (or have retired) this year:

    • John Augustine, six years of service
    • Doug Bell, 23 years of service
    • Curtis Bryant, 29 years of service
    • Richard Drass, six years of service
    • Glenn Fisher, 18 years of service
    • Marvin Jones, six years of service
    • Deborah Kephart, 10 years of service
    • Linda Kuykendall, 30 years of service
    • Donal Lovallo, six years of service
    • Mario Mercado, 11 years of service
    • Matt Nicholson, 34 years of service
    • Robert Oliver, 17 years of service
    • Mona Prufer, 15 years of service
    • Dennis Rauch, 31 years of service
    • Jack Riley, 33 years of service
    • Mark Roach, 15 years of service
    • Rita Smith, 10 years of service
    • Jill Trinka, seven years of service

  • Ritter elected to Beta Alpha Psi board of directors

    March 13 2019

    Barbara Ritter, dean of the E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration and vice president for executive development and career services at Coastal Carolina University, has been elected as the dean representative for Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) board of directors.

    Beta Alpha Psi, founded in February 1919, is the premier international honor and service organization for financial and business information students and professionals. Coastal Carolina’s chapter is Lambda Kappa.

    The dean representative must hold the role of dean and advises and provides recommendations for improving efficiency and effectiveness, as well as serves as a resource to the board of directors representing the current views of academia. Ritter was selected by the nominations committee to stand for election and was elected by members internationally to the position. She will serve a three-year term.

    “It is an honor to be selected as the dean’s representative on the Beta Alpha Psi board of directors,” said Ritter. “I look forward to advancing the mission of the honor society in service to accounting, finance and information systems students.”

    For more information about BAP, visit For more about the Wall College of Business, visit

  • John Goodwin travels to New Zealand as visiting professor of chemistry

    March 18 2019

    John Goodwin, professor of chemistry and faculty member at CCU since 1996, has been granted a scholarly reassignment for the Spring of 2019. He is currently the Visiting Professor of Chemistry at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, where he is collaborating with professor Nicola Brasch in study of the cobalt center of Vitamin B12.

    As an inorganic chemist, Goodwin has investigated model cobalt compounds of Vitamin B12 over the years at Coastal, engaging many undergraduates in research projects.

    "This new avenue of research should appeal to our growing numbers of biochemistry majors, and we can expect more research projects in this area when I return to Coastal," he said.

  • University Communication recognized for marketing efforts

    April 1 2019

    The Office of University Communication is recognized this award season in a variety of categories for previous marketing and advertising campaigns utilized for telling the CCU story. Each honor is described below with the level of achievement, name of marketing communication and category in which the communication won.

    Education Digital Marketing Awards – more than 1,000 entries submitted.

    • Gold > We Believe > Digital Video
    • Bronze > CCU 2017 Holiday Video > Digital Video
    • Bronze > We Believe > Microsite
    • Merit > PopChantet Texts > Social Media

    Educational Advertising Awards – more than 2,200 entries were received from more than 1,000 colleges, universities, and secondary schools from all 50 states.

    • Gold > We Believe > Total Advertising Campaign
    • Gold > We Believe > Website
    • Merit > CCU 2017 Holiday Video > Special Video Production
    • Merit > PopChantet Texts > Social Media

  • Jamie Hedges' video featured on Delaware city's website

    March 19 2019

    Jamie Hedges, a senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, produced a video in 2015 that explained two ways of counting votes. The video was for her Math 139 class, in which they learn the four different voting methods.

    The video was publicly available on YouTube, and one day Hedges received an email from the city of Arden, Del., who wanted to use the video on their website. The city uses the Hare method of proportional representation in electing members of their Board of Assessors. In trying to make this understandable to their constituents, they found the video made by Hedges and linked it on their city webpage.

    "I was very excited to hear that they were using it," Hedges said. "Many times, students come into a math classroom with negative perceptions. Many students think they are bad at math or that math is just a bunch of rules that you have to memorize without any meaning. This gives a clear example of math that is being used in the real world.”

  • COOL director tapped as co-chair of online learning conference

    March 21 2019

    Sherri Restauri, director of online learning at CCU, is serving as the co-chair of the Online Learning Consortium confernece for 2019. She has served the conference in past years on the steering committee before moving into this top leadership role. 

    The 2019 conference "Accelerate" is the 25th for OLC and takes place in late November in Florida. It is devoted to driving quality online learning, advancing best practice guidance and accelerating innovation in learning for academic leaders, educators, administrators, digital learning professionals and organizations around the world.

    The OLC is a collaborative community of higher education leaders and innovators, dedicated to advancing quality digital teaching and learning experiences designed to reach and engage the modern learner – anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  • CCU and Brookgreen archaeological excavation featured on SCETV

    March 28 2019

    South Carolina ETV recently premiered an episode of "Palmetto Scene" that featured Coastal Carolina University's archaeological excavation at Brookgreen Gardens. The project is overseen by David Palmer, assistant professor in CCU's Department of Anthropology and Geography, and students receive hands-on experience in the field. 

    The excavation's purpose is to uncover remnants of a former slave village, in hopes of finding "post molds," or a stain left in the ground from support beam of a structure. Work has taken place throughout the semester and will continue during the Maymester period.

    Watch the full episode here.

  • Alex Souza in athletics getting married this month

    March 29 2019

    Alex Souza, a 2008 alumnus and the assistant athletic director for digital initiatives, is getting married to Rebecca Keay on April 6 in Conway.

    Keay is a native of England, and her favorite CCU sport is men's basketball. Souza was hired at CCU in 2015 as the director of gameday experience and promotions. He moved into his current role in 2018.

  • Lowenstein receives Best Article Award

    April 1 2019

    Henry Lowenstein, professor of business law, won the Best Article Award from the Southern Academy of Legal Studies in Business (SALSB) for his lead article in the Southern Law Journal (Fall 2018). The award was presented at the SALSB annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, in February.

    The article, titled “It’s a Deal! When an Agreement Is an Agreement? English Rule vs. The Restatement (Second) of Contracts,” deals with the complexity of business law contracts in which the parties have an agreement and act on the promises of the agreement even though not all technical aspects of a written contract are in place. According to Lowenstein, the article addresses whether or not the “Intent to be Bound” component of an agreement is enforceable.

    “This has played a major role in the enforcement of major business agreements including the famous $11 billion win of Pennzoil over Texaco in the purchase of Getty Oil in the 1980s,” says Lowenstein. “The article shows how certain current agreements in the news would be impacted by application of this contract rule in the U.S.”

  • University photographer expecting third baby

    April 1 2019

    Tad Robinson, University photographer, is expecting his third child with wife Morissa Robinson in mid-September. The baby boy will be named Oliver "Oz" Zachariah Robinson. The Robinsons have two daughters, Emma Leigh, 12, and Kaylee Rose, 8.

    Both Tad and Morissa graduated from Coastal last May with their bachelors degrees. Morissa is currently enrolled in the MALS program and works as Ina Seethaler's graduate assistant in the Women's and Gender Studies program.

    Congratulations, Tad and Morissa!