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Feb 23

7 p.m. @ Waccamaw Higher Education Center

February 23
How Old-Fashioned Radio Helps Us Understand “Newfangled” Gadgets: The Role
of Old Media in Teaching about New Media

with Wes Fondren, Communication

A growing area in media studies is examining how new media displaces old media. If
there are only 24 hours in a day and those hours are already full, when a new medium
is introduced something gets displaced. Studying the past has proved to be an excellent
guide to understanding the future, and this discussion will focus on historical patterns
that emerged when new media (such as the telegraph, radio, and television) were
launched. A brief overview will be given about emerging communication technologies
and the concerns associated with those media, and correlations will be drawn between
individual and societal changes when new media were introduced in the past. Attendees
will be encouraged to share their perspective on the introduction of new media,
concerns about trends in society, and personal experiences.

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