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Dyer reflects, looks ahead to 2012

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By Edgar Dyer

 Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
 President's Office

As I start my 72nd semester here, I am reminded that beginnings are always energizing and we approach them with resolve. We have professional resolutions and we have personal resolutions. Professionally, I am resolved in these coming months to keep moving the institution toward the goal of excellence that President DeCenzo declared in his inaugural address in 2007. Together with tradition and integrity (TIE), it is a three-part aspiration that is worthy of our best efforts. In my remaining years here, I intend to do all that I can to help keep nudging the needle in the right direction with TIE as a guide.

Another splendid three-part guide that I came to know in my youth at the YMCA in High Point, N.C., was “body-mind-spirit,” which constitutes the YMCA triangle logo. I was taught to continue developing in all three. We’re a public institution, but we’re fortunate to have the opportunity for growth in all of those personal areas on this campus for students, faculty and staff. We have fabulous facilities for keeping our bodies in shape, and with the completion of the Student Convocation/Recreation Center, we’ll have even more. There are countless ways to expand our minds here – it is, after all, the institution’s primary reason for being – and there are a number of opportunities for spiritual enrichment as well.

I try continuously to expand intellectually and spiritually, and my major resolution for 2012 is to stay on my exercise regimen. I need to be more and more intentional about staying fit as I age. I try to make good use of our pool. Swimming and running in waist-deep water for aerobic exercise is best for me, because it is easier on my old joints. I get over there as often as I can to swim laps and run in the shallow end.

As we move into 2012, I’m counting my blessings. I work at a place with people who want to make a difference and who value formal education as a means of improving individuals and society. It is also a place that offers a variety of ways for self-improvement. I’m a very lucky guy to have been here all these semesters. 

I hope this year is one that brings you challenges for growth, growth for wisdom, and wisdom for peace of mind.

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