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Robert Reed: a dedicated adviser for grad programs

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Rob Reed advises Margaret Medlin, a senior accounting major.
Rob Reed advises Margaret Medlin, a senior accounting major.

Rob Reed is known for his commitment to students. As the student services program coordinator for graduate programs in the E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration, Reed works with prospective students through the process of entering grad school.

“No two days are ever alike, but that is the main reason I enjoy my work,” says Reed. “I love working with students and being able to provide a student-centered, customer-oriented service to them.”

Reed also works with the Wall Fellows program and is an adviser for the Office of Graduate Studies at Wall College. The close administrator-student relationship Reed enjoys with his advisees is something he has been nurturing for most of his professional life. “I’ve have been working in higher education ever since graduating with my bachelor’s degree,” he says. 

Co-worker Wendi Lee’s nomination of Reed for an I Spy was a no-brainer. “I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Robert Reed for over a year now, and I must say he is one of my favorite people at this university,” she says. “He is dependable, hardworking and always goes the extra mile for anyone and everyone who needs his help.”

Lee has witnessed the extra mile Reed goes not only for his advisees, but also for Coastal Carolina as a whole. “Rob is here early every morning to unlock the classrooms in our building,” she says. “He hardly ever takes a lunch break so students can stop to see him in between classes, and stays until 4:30 p.m. every day like clockwork.”

Originally from Lambertville, N.J., Reed migrated to California after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing and then his master’s in education. One of his first jobs was as a graduate admissions counselor at USF. He later would become assistant dean for student services at USF’s school of nursing.

Several factors led him to leave the Bay area and relocate to Myrtle Beach in 2008. “Unfortunately, the cost of living in San Francisco is very high, but with most of my family living on the East Coast, Myrtle – and Coastal – became the obvious choice,” says Reed. “I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else."

Reed doesn’t spend every waking minute at Coastal dealing with potential graduate students, however. He is also the father of an 1-year-old daughter named Rory, who he spends time with on weekends. “Unfortunately, even though we live at the beach, Rory is not a beach baby – she hates the sand – so by the time I get everything set up on the beach, she is ready to go,” he says. “So most weekends usually end up being a stroller ride down at the Market Commons or on the Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach.”

The work Reed has been doing with the Wall graduate programs is steadily increasing. “We grow a little each semester,” he says. “This year we have seen the enrollment for the graduate program finally exceed 100 students. And our student population is becoming more and more diverse each semester and from all walks of life. Two of our most recent students are a middle school teacher and lawyer, looking for a new career.” These individuals spur Reed forward.

CCU alumna Whitney Hucks ‘12, who recently entered the Masters of Accountancy program at CCU, knows of Reed’s dedication to anyone who comes to him for advising. “Rob is highly regarded by all of us who know him,” she says. “He always goes above and beyond, whether with questions about the application process, classes or scheduling. If he is unable to provide an answer, he will find it for you and then check back afterward with you to make everything is ok.”

Lee echoes these statements. “Rob is always busy with numerous projects; however, I have seen him put aside those projects for students, faculty and staff who need his help," she says. “He truly is a team player, and I am honored to work with him.”

Reed has no plans to slow down. It’s a role he covets because of one main factor. “From prospect to applicant to student and finally to graduate, I’m with these people from the beginning of their work toward a degree all the way through graduation day. It’s great seeing a student change as they proceed from start to finish.” 

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Rob Reed advises Margaret Medlin, a senior accounting major. Rob Reed sells a CCU T-shirt to a student at a campus event. CCU student Shana Ernst and Rob Reed at last fall's Wall College of Business Freshmen Experience picnic. Shana is a Wall Fellow and an accounting major. She plans to graduate in December and enter the MBA program in the spring.
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