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Chaucey Something To Talk About
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  • Bleicher students create Earthworks

    February 5 2010

    Steven Bleicher, associate professor of visual arts, recently took his Arts 103 class outside to create site specific "earth works" as part of their class. The students could only use found objects. After developing their projects, they photographed them. The photographs become the only permanent record of the works as they are left to the elements.

    "The assignment was to consider different ways of working with line," says Bleicher. "It also introduced students to conceptual art and, specifically, earth works or environmental art. While the students were actually creating the project in 3D, they had to become conscious of the fact that all that would remain of the project was a photo documentation in 2D. It not only opened up their concept of line, but also introduced them to a new area of art – conceptual art."

  • Schunk in the news on the state of the state's economy

    February 5 2010

    Research economist Don Schunk made national news again after being interviewed by a Washington-based economics reporter for the Associated Press. Here's the link.

  • Check out Eaddy blog

    February 5 2010

    Mary Eaddy, acting director of University Communication, writes about author Steve Barry on her blog at Eaddy has a new book coming out, her first, in May or June. Barry was a featured author at the Moveable Feast literary lunches on the south end, organized by Linda Ketron, director of CCU's OLLI program, and Tom Werner of Litchfield Books.