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Feel the Teal program grows

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By CCU President David DeCenzo

As we conclude the spring semester, we can proudly report that the Feel the Teal initiative has taken off successfully. More than 20 training programs have been conducted since January, with almost 1,000 employees in attendance. I would like to thank each one of you who has attended the training and given helpful feedback in the process. There is clearly a service charge in the CCU atmosphere.

All employees are encouraged to create that connection with the customer in every service interaction. We want positive moments of truth for the family on a tour, the student who needs to know where a building is, the potential employee visiting the campus and the alumni back on campus to visit a faculty member or speak to a class. This service initiative can only succeed with a universitywide commitment to properly acknowledge the customer, clarify what they need, handle the angry customer, meet and exceed the need and confirm satisfaction.

We intend to grow the service excellence program over the summer. The next steps include identifying future service trainings and support systems for implementation. Training topics will be service soft skills such as attitude, dealing with the difficult customer, communication and others. CHANT411 will begin this summer and will provide a one-stop shop for service and information. The Feel the Teal Steering Committee will be focused on creating a recognition program and quality assurance system to provide positive and constant feedback in regard to our service levels. A leadership team workshop will be held in August to review and celebrate this past year’s focus on service.

At this time of year, it is an honor to let our graduating seniors how much they mean to us and wish those students who will be returning a great summer. Feel the Teal is about each of us and the connection we make with those graduating and returning students, parents/grandparents, co-workers, alumni or any customer we are fortunate enough to serve this time of year. I look forward to the amazing opportunities for our customers to Feel the Teal this summer.


David A. DeCenzo

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