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I See Dead People: Hags, Hants and Plat-eyes in the Waccamaw Neck Bookmark and Share

Mar 10

7 p.m. @ Waccamaw Higher Education Center

Part of the "Culture & Crisis" community dialogue series, held Wednesdays throughout March, 7 p.m., at the Waccamaw Higher Education Center, free and open to the public, 843-349-4030. 

I See Dead People: Hags, Hants and Plat-eyes in the Waccamaw Neck with Veronica Gerald, Department of English. The lecture discusses the origins, history, stories and presence of the Plat-eye, Hants and Hags and their impact on those who believe.

Ask people about ghosts along the Waccamaw Neck, and they will tell of the Grey Man of Pawleys Island and Alice of Murrells Inlet. Little is usually said about the Plat-eye, the malevolent spirit who crossed the Atlantic with the Africans; Hags, living women with the supernatural ability to shed their skins and travel to their victims; or Hants, uneasy spirits who cannot cross over to the other side. Belief in these entities crosses economic and class lines.

Culture & Crisis sponsored by the Thomas W. and Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts Board of Visitors 

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