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Mar 22

9:30 a.m. @ Wheelwright Auditorium

The Commedia King Arthur presented by The Taradiddle Players of the Children's Theatre of Charlotte

Bring the kids to see The Commedia King Arthur, a comedic rendition of The Tales of King Arthur, performed by the Tarradiddle Players of the Children's Theatre of Charlotte. We are inviting you and your family to join us for the fun!

The Tarradiddle Players are back with another Commedia tale, and this time they dare to take on an English classic: The Tales of King Arthur. Our Players have never been so audacious (or quite so silly) as when trying to pull this one off. Bedraggled young squire Arthur forgets his master's sword and has to find a substitute, fast, or risk losing his job. What's a young squire to do? Grab the nearest sword he can find, of course, never mind that it's sticking out of a big rock. And the rest, as they say, is history. Or at least legend. This fast-moving production features a sprinkling of well known Arthurian stories, making it a perfect introduction to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Sir Lancelot and the Ogre, and King Arthur and the most adorable little dragon you have ever seen. What? No adorable dragons in the Tales of King Arthur? Are you sure about that? See for yourself! 
For Ages 5+/Grades K+
Best enjoyed by Elementary School ages
Free Event - Reservations Only, contact the Office of Special Events ~ Jenna Jazwinski ~ 843-349-2040 or Please do not contact the Wheelwright Box Office as there are no actual tickets being distributed for this event.

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Contact Jenna Jazwinski, 843-349-2040 for additional information