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Customer service blossomed in 2013

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With the approach of this New Year, I took a moment to evaluate the progress of our customer service efforts to consider what we can do to enhance the University’s teal bright future. Coastal Carolina University has focused on providing service excellence like never before, and we are already seeing results through positive feedback, letters of acknowledgment and retention numbers. I ask each of you to continue these efforts and to also identify ways in your own specific areas to provide service that is faster, friendlier and easier than it was in the year past.

Most of you have completed the first module of Feel the Teal training, CCU Service Basics, and we are beginning to see a transformation on campus. Employees are practicing the 5 foot, 10-foot rule, using the Disney Point, smiling, and initiating the first stages of a customer service-oriented culture at this University. The second module, Attitude of Service, has challenged all of us to evaluate what is really bad, average and above average service as seen through our attitudes at CCU. These service excellence trainings are developed with our culture and student success in mind. Three new modules will be available this academic year – Civility on Campus, CCU History and Traditions, and Dealing with Difficult Situations.

Back in October, Eileen Soisson, director of service excellence, held a focus group with Arlise McKinney’s Management 341: Managing Talent & Developing 21st Century Leaders class that is comprised of mostly seniors and a few juniors. The course is one of the human resource concentrated management requirements that focuses on developing employees and managing employee performance. Soisson met with the class twice, and during their discussions, the students shared positive and negative experiences that they have incurred at CCU, while at the same time explained what Feel the Teal means to them. This valuable, appreciated input enabled the Feel the Teal team to receive student opinions on our initiative and what areas of focus really needed to be developed for 2014.

Neal Raisman, the internationally recognized expert on academic customer service, visited CCU in November and met with CCU leaders, councils and committees, along with faculty, staff and students. He was interviewed during the Town Hall and at the end of the conversation the audience had the opportunity to ask questions. One of the most interesting questions was asked by freshman Austin Nichols: “What can we as students do to support the customer service initiative?” This is the type of attitude I would love for the entire CCU community to begin adopting in 2014.

After Raisman’s visit, our Feel the Teal Leadership Team debriefed and made it a priority to have a stronger student perspective at the table. With this is mind, I have tasked a new student service excellence committee to add to the Feel the Teal initiative. These are the types of additions we are continually adding to advance the growth of this initiative and meet the needs of our students.

The Feel the Teal Service Excellence will continue to be a top priority over the next year. Through continued trainings, listening to our customers in focus groups and feedback, and having candid conversations that acknowledge a stronger need for the student voice, we will continue to adapt Feel the Teal and the customer service-oriented culture it brings to our institution.

Happy 2014, and may you Feel the Teal in the new year!

David A. DeCenzo

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