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Apr 7

7 p.m. @ James J. Johnson Auditorium

America's Music
Session 5: Latin Rhythms from Mambo to Hip Hop

    Monday, April 7, 7 p.m.
    James J. Johnson Auditorium

Film: Latin Music USA, Episode 1: Bridges and From Mambo to Hip-Hop: A South Bronx Tale

Latin Music USA explores mambo, the Cuban hybrid of traditional dance infused with syncopated Afro-Caribbean rhythms, that migrated to New York City from Havana in the 1940s. The film examines how mambo loosened the stiff social and musical rules of the “country club culture” of the time. Especially in New York, the mambo’s popularity across classes and ethnic groups integrated the dance floor and helped prepare the way for a more open and less restrictive social interaction between the sexes.

From Mambo to Hip-Hop was created and performed first by Jamaican and African American youth, and then Latinos, in abandoned parks and burned out buildings in the South Bronx as an alternative to gang violence in the 1970s. Break dance competitions and battles of songs and words redirected gang fighting into creative expression and brought a measure of fame to its most successful artists. 

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