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Chaucey Aboutu

Celebrating CCU history and traditions

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Coastal Carolina University is continuing its efforts to strengthen the campus, and one of the best ways is by educating our community on how CCU became what it is today. CCU History & Traditions is the most recent module within the Feel the Teal Service Excellence Initiative, and it will be presented for the first time on April 17. This interactive training session will ensure that every attendee understands our university started, where it currently stands, and where it plans to go. It’s an inspiring story that unites the past, present and future.

Did you know that CCU is the fastest growing institution in South Carolina? Or that CCU requires every building to follow LEED Silver standards for eco-friendly purposes?

Do you know how many students were enrolled in Coastal's first class? Or that there’s a time capsule buried on campus that will be opened on Sept, 20, 2054, on our 100th anniversary? CCU History & Traditions will set the record straight about these questions and tell the story of our university’s major accomplishments.

As Director of Service Excellence, Eileen Soisson began to prepare the CCU History & Traditions training, she decided to gather a group of about 20 faculty and staff members who have extensive knowledge of the university and an appreciation of its history and achievements. At the group’s first meeting, facts and stories were shared about CCU’s journey to independence, significant firsts in athletics, history of campus buildings and much more. While preparing for this training session, the committee fact-checked each piece of information that will be presented to ensure quality control. It is important for us to recognize and celebrate our rich university history, as well as to create and grow new traditions.

Chanticleers have a sense of pride that links and connects the entire CCU community. We are all responsible for being good stewards of our history and traditions. Get involved year round with these traditions such as CINO Day, Celebration of Inquiry, Late Night Finals Frenzy and Teal Tuesday. We believe that by familiarizing students, faculty and staff with some of the most significant historical facts and traditions of this university, they will ultimately have and feel a more personal and meaningful connection with CCU. Feel the Teal!

All the best,
David A. DeCenzo, Ph.D.


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