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Work In Progress Construction updates.

Chaucey Work in Progress
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  • » Atheneum Hall to get a new face

    Atheneum Hall, one of the oldest buildings on the Coastal Carolina University campus, is getting a renovation that will reconfigure the space for an alumni headquarters and for social events.

    The renovation, which started in January, will convert half the office space in the facility into meeting and dining/ballroom space, plus the installation of a new kitchen and prep area. The project will also address deferred maintenance needs in this 48 year-old building to include roofing, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

    Atheneum Hall was dedicated in October 1966 as a “general purpose student union” building that housed a cafeteria. It was where students started their college experiences, dining together and enjoying one another’s company.

    At the request of CCU alumni and with approval of the board of trustees, the intent of this project is to renovate Atheneum Hall into an alumni facility, with office space for alumni relations staff, dining and meeting facilities for alumni events and two suites for visiting faculty.

    Atheneum Hall won’t be just for alumni, however. “The building will host student events so that current students become familiar with the building when they come back to visit as alumni, Atheneum Hall will serve as a home base,” said Jean Ann Brakefield, director of alumni relations.

    Framed photographic scenes of CCU and Atheneum Hall through the years will be on display in the hallway.
    “This touch will bring everything together,” says Brakefield. “Everyone who has graduated will be able to look at these pictures and reminisce on their days here.”

    The added meeting space and ballroom will open onto the new patio and will create an inviting space for meetings and special events. Brick pavers engraved with the names of alumni and donors will shape the Alumni Walk leading up to the Atheneum. Eight-by-eight-inch pavers will sell for $250 and can be purchased through the Office of Alumni Relations or by visiting

    “We are so excited about what the building will look like in the end with all the updates,” Brakefield said. “This building will sure to be one that all alumni will be proud to call home.”

    Atheneum Hall should be finished by late December 2014 or early January 2015. Several areas of the building have been named, such as the Pi Kappa Phi Patio, the Alford Dining Room, the Dan Sine Lobby and Veterans Hall. Additional naming opportunities are still available.

  • » Chauncey branding hits CCU trolley

    The first of Coastal Carolina University trolleys has been “Chauncey-fied,” which is to say, it is now sporting a big Chauncey head and bright colors of teal and bronze.

    Five more trolleys are headed to the bay where they’ll get the same treatment and be in operation by June. Two more trolleys will be added to the fleet by August.

    “The trolleys are just another example of the consistent branding efforts of Coastal Carolina University,” says President David DeCenzo. “I am excited to see all the pieces coming together as we celebrate the excitement this visibility is creating for our campus.”

    Up to 34 commuters can be accommodated on the wooden benches that provide seating for the trolleys, and up to 16 standing passengers for a total of 50 riders. More than 25 tinted windows provide passengers with views of the CCU community as they’re being ushered to and from classes. The trolleys also have racks located on the front of the vehicle, which allows students to transport their bikes safely to campus. All trolleys are handicap accessible and have automated lifts for wheelchairs.

    The trolleys run the current university shuttle routes, which includes stops at university place, the main campus and the east campus. Saturday and Sunday shuttles also run from University Place to main campus, and also to Gateway Plaza in Conway. Trolleys are used during events on campus as well, to help transport visitors and individuals attending events from the parking lots to the event location.