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Chaucey Aboutu

Thanks to all for Feeling the Teal

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I would like to thank all of you for your continued support of the Feel the Teal initiative. Over the last few weeks, we have moved to acknowledge and honor those employees whose positive attitude and service-oriented approach have contributed much to service excellence and student satisfaction. In addition, throughout the semester we have attempted to engage the University community, including the students, in an effort to obtain feedback and suggestions for modifying, and ultimately improving, the initiative. To facilitate input from the students, we created the Feel the Teal Student Leadership Committee, which held its first meeting in mid-April. Continuous participation by the students will greatly assist us in determining those areas and issues that mean the most to them – our most important constituent.

The Feel the Teal Student Leadership Committee

The Feel the Teal Student Leadership Committee was created to provide a student voice and perspective on service quality at CCU. A diverse group of students of all majors and years was randomly selected and invited to the first Feel the Teal Student Leadership interest meeting. Fifteen students attended, and SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats/weaknesses) analysis was conducted regarding CCU's overall service and deliverables. Students openly discussed their concerns about Coastal, while at the same time providing positive feedback about what we do well. A progress report will be shared in the fall of 2014, and another student group meeting will be held next semester to continue to provide insight into our service excellence initiative.

Positive Attitudes of Service at CCU

Since last semester, we have begun recognizing Positive Pollys around campus. Those of you who have completed Module Two: Attitude of Service are already familiar with the term Positive Polly. A Positive Polly is that shining star in the office, the person who goes out of his or her way to not only make every situation right, but does it with a smiling face and positive attitude.

On April 17, Eileen Soisson, director of Service Excellence, and I surprised and recognized five people who have positively impacted the campus community: Karen Arnie, academic adviser; Dan Lawless, Registrar’s Office; Melissa Paschuck, International Programs; and Laurel Schwinger, Registrar’s Office. Each was recognized for different positive situations and impacts; however, they were all honored as Positive Pollys by their CCU peers during Attitude of Service trainings. If you see these folks on campus, please thank them for what they do for this institution.

As the semester comes to a close, be sure to congratulate our graduating seniors for their achievements and wish our returning students a safe and happy summer. As the students shared in the SWOT service analysis, Feel the Teal has a presence on our campus and, with your continued support, we can continue to grow a strong service excellence culture on our campus.


David A. DeCenzo, Ph.D.
CCU President

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