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I Spy: Rocco ‘Rocky’ Cartisano is always on the go

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Rocky Cartisano hard at work on Progression, the newsletter for the College of Science.
Rocky Cartisano hard at work on Progression, the newsletter for the College of Science.

Spending early Sunday mornings on an empty beach with nothing but a good book to read is how Rocco “Rocky” Cartisano likes to start his week.

Cartisano, research associate, had been on the board of the CCU Lifelong Learning program for several years prior to its evolution into the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) program. Currently, he is a research associate with Lifespan Studies in the College of Science. He edits the college’s biannual magazine Progression and a newsletter titled Prime Times, the official publication of the Lifespan Studies program.

Before he came to CCU, Cartisano worked with AT&T Technologies, which was formerly Western Electric Company and then Lucent Technologies. His management assignments included manufacturing corporate finance and accounting, information systems and data processing, industrial engineering, human resources, labor relations and corporate education.

"Just about every job you can think of in a company, I had at some point,” Cartisano said.

His work required him to travel extensively throughout the United States. His favorite spot was Niagara Falls in the winter time.

“Everyone always talks about how pretty it is in the summer, and you always see the picture of the water flowing and boat down at the bottom, but they never get a chance to go when everything is frozen over, and it is just a giant ice bridge,” Cartisano said. There were other enjoyable sights to be seen in the other states where he and his family lived during his career, but living in Conway and the coastal area is tops, he said.

Cartisano holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Pittsburgh and did master’s degree work at the University of Maryland. He also completed management programs sponsored by several universities while with Western Electric Company.

After retiring from AT&T Technologies, he became assistant to the president and vice president of operations at Beaman Corporation in Greensboro, N.C., where he was also involved in management consulting.

In 1997, Cartisano joined the CCU family and says he is so pleased with how the university has grown throughout the years. When Cartisano began his career at CCU, there were only about 5,000 students, and now there are more than 9,000.

Angela Barwick, administrative specialist for procurement services, nominated Cartisano for “I Spy.”

“He works very hard in Lifespan Studies and has a great rapport with the community,” she stated. “But he is also a real joy to work with, always a smile and a helpful demeanor and a snappy dresser on top of all of it. He is a terrific gentleman and CCU is lucky to have him.”

Barwick said she really enjoys being able to talk to Cartisano because he always has a story to tell and is a great listener.

“We had student workers who couldn’t wait for Rocky to come into the office in the mornings just so they could go sit and talk to him,” Barwick said.

Michael Roberts, vice president for research and emerging initiatives and dean of the College of Science, said, “Rocky has been the critical driver behind the College of Science magazine Progression, which highlights the dynamic activities taking place in the college. The magazine not only keeps our graduates up-to-date on the college, but also acts as a valuable showcase to the larger academic community. Producing the magazine requires Rocky to work collaboratively with the students and faculty to identify interesting topics, and also work with the University Communication group on layout and design. Overall, the excellence of the magazine is a testimony to his personal pursuit of excellence. He is also the publisher and editor of CCU’s Prime Times newsletter, which is a resource for local retirees, providing service-associated contacts and news.”

“Everyone has to find their home, somewhere they belong, and I feel that I belong here. I just love everyone who works here,” said Cartisano.

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Rocky Cartisano hard at work on Progression, the newsletter for the College of Science. Rocky Cartisano Rocky Cartisano loves working with students. Gardening is a favorite pasttime. Rocky Cartisano works on the Prime Times newsletter.
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