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I Spy: Rose Graf keeps the night lights on

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Rose Graf loves to help students with their research.
Rose Graf loves to help students with their research.

While most people are sleeping at night, Rose Graf is hard at work at Coastal Carolina University’s Kimbel Library. From providing electronic assistance to helping students, she is often surprisingly busy at 3 a.m. Graf serves as an access services specialist, but her title does not properly express the true value she brings to CCU.

“I think what I do is fun,” says Graf, who works from 11 p.m. until 7:30 a.m. “I usually am involved with helping students complete their research. That’s the interesting part.”

Her expertise is also within electronics, and her supervisor says her skills are irreplaceable. “Rose is very knowledgeable about computers and a number of computer programs,” says supervisor William Carter. “She has expertise that no one else on staff has. She is always more than willing to help any patron who needs it. She has great problem solving skills and suggested an effective door counter system to use in the library. That’s why I nominated her [for I Spy].”

Graf has long understood what it means to be part of the CCU community. She graduated from CCU with a degree in business management in 2012.

“The library is a business,” she says. “My degree has been very helpful, and I practice the same kind of quality of customer service I would want to receive.”

Graf also oversees equipment lending at the library. Her knowledge of electronics is invaluable in selecting the library’s inventory.

“We’re getting new Apple computers soon,” Graf explains. “There’s always an opportunity to update things and provide the best possible experience for anyone who uses the library.”

Graf is no stranger to the night shifts. Before moving down to Myrtle Beach three years ago to look after her mother, she worked overnights at McDonald’s.

“Comparing my other jobs, I love CCU because this is a community,” says Graf. “Here, everyone works together.”
“The nighttime shift is a time frame where fewer resources are available,” explains Carter. “Rose is there for students who need assistance with that paper or project that is due tomorrow.”

Originally from upstate New York, Graf is the youngest of five. “I have a brother who lives in Hungary, a sister who lives in North Carolina, another one in Vermont – we’re all over the place,” she tells. “But I do like it here in Myrtle Beach.”

Head of Access Services Jennifer Hughes explains Graf’s commitment to her job. “When students are pulling ‘all-nighters’ or waking up to come to the library at 3 a.m., they want to be greeted by friendly workers,” says Hughes. “Graf is knowledgeable and naturally ‘tech-savvy.’”

“I do know about computers but what I don’t know is marine science,” explains Graf. “That’s when I know to reach for a student assistant who is majoring in that field. It’s all about passing on the knowledge.”

In her spare time, Graf loves to bake. She’s been known to bring cookies and cupcakes for her coworkers to sample. For the past four years, she’s been living in Myrtle Beach and takes care of her mother.

“My dream job would be to own a bakery,” she says. “But for now, I’ll be making sure my job here recognition program is ‘well done.’”

“I Spy” is an employee recognition program of CCU's Office of Training and Development whereby staff and faculty nominate someone for extraordinary service.

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Rose Graf works at night in Kimbel Library as an access services specialist. Rose Graf loves to help students with their research. Rose Graf, left, with her sister Anne Borchers and mother, Carol Graf. This picture was taken on a cruise through the Baltics. Rose Graf with her brother Timothy Graf, who lives in Europe with his wife. "We were on a Mediterranean cruise with my mom and Tim's wife, after having spent a few days in Rome," says Rose.
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