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I Spy: April Betsch has the 411

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April Betsch at the Conway parade where she managed to catch some ping pong balls offering store discounts.
April Betsch at the Conway parade where she managed to catch some ping pong balls offering store discounts.

If you have a question about Coastal Carolina University, there’s an easy solution: contact CHANT411. One of CCU’s newer programs and aligned with the Feel The Teal initiative, it’s a call-in inquiry service about all things campus-related. The leader and developer of the program is Associate Director April Betsch, who partnered with University President David DeCenzo almost two years ago to create CHANT411.

“I am very passionate about great customer service,” says Betsch. “The president and I had a big vision. We wanted to integrate the idea of a concierge concept into our campus.”

That’s exactly what they did and more. CHANT411 is comprised of 14 dedicated students who answer phone calls, respond to tweets, reply to texts and even Facebook messages. A big part of Betsch’s job is making sure her students have the information they need to effectively help callers.

There is no doubt Betsch works hard at keeping CHANT411 up to date. Director of Service Excellence Eileen Soisson proudly nominated Betsch for I Spy with these words, “She goes out of her way to provide great service not only for our external customers through CHANT411, but she really takes care of the internal customers such as her staff, other employees and departments,” says Soisson. “There is a great spirit at CHANT411, and this is a huge testament to April’s dedication to others and this University.”

Betsch explains that her staffers work hard to remain informed about every department and event on campus.

“CHANT411 crosses paths with about every corner of CCU. In the new student union, our department will be placed right at the front desk. CHANT411 is a really unique service — unlike anything I’ve seen at any other institution.”
 Betsch says other universities have contacted her about starting their own “411” service on their campuses. Although it’s a relatively young program, Betsch has even spoken at a conference about her work.

“It’s such a positive environment,” says Betsch. “It’s rare that someone grumbles because you helped them. We always get a ‘thank you so much’ or ‘you really saved my day,’ and that makes my day.”

CHANT411 graduate student worker Mark Jessup says the job is demanding, but it has its perks. “Betsch pushes us to be the best we can be,” he says. “We all have become better communicators, and we know we are making someone’s CCU experience better.”

Betsch has a long history of working in housing at universities. Before CHANT411, she worked in the housing department at the University of South Florida, Florida Southern College, the University of Alabama and the University of West Florida.

“When I worked in housing, I thought I was in contact with the entire university,” says Betsch. “I was wrong. CHANT411 is actually in contact with even more people.”

Having grown up in Tampa, Fla., Betsch enjoys outdoor activities when she’s not working.

“A while back, I joined the North Myrtle Beach Turtle Patrol, hoping to make some friends after leaving Florida,” says Betsch. “My husband and I have found that it’s a lot of fun despite the 5 a.m. wake-up call!”

Her husband, David, is also a Chanticleer. He works in the department April has a long history with: housing.
“And we are also newlyweds!” says Betsch. “David and I got married in September. We enjoy doing quirky things like visiting farmers markets and festivals. One day, we hope to travel to Germany.”

The whole process of creating CHANT411 has been really cool, she says.

“In what other job would you have the chance to create something new?” says Betsch. “Besides that, I’ve loved working with people who share my care for making this program the best it can be.” 

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