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Chaucey Aboutu

Feeling the Teal: the Service SWOT Workshop launches

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This past June, the Feel the Teal® Service Excellence launched the Service SWOT Workshop (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) for faculty, staff and student workers. Once employees have completed the first six Feel the Teal modules, they are invited to participate in Module #7, the Service SWOT Workshop. Participants have the opportunity to identify and discuss the strengths and weaknesses that impact service excellence on campus along with the opportunities and threats that could negatively influence the service provided by the University.

Thus far, 132 participants have attended the Service SWOT Workshop. Kimbel Library and the Bryan Information Commons and Counseling Services are to be commended for being the first two departments to complete all seven training modules.

The importance of communication has been stressed consistently in each of the Service SWOT Workshops. Thus, it is essential that the information and feedback gathered from each workshop is directly shared with me, the Feel the Teal Steering Committee and Leadership Team, and any other appropriate personnel. It is also important that this information is shared with the University as a whole so we can continue to improve our community through active listening.

I will continue to share feedback from those who have participated in the training and their ideas to make operations faster, friendlier and easier for those who benefit from our services. Below are the most common responses from the previous seven workshops that have been held since June 2015.

Service Strengths:
• Number and variety of resources offered for employees and students
• Beautiful campus layout and aesthetics of the grounds
• Feel the Teal trainings
• Common mindset and clear expectation level of everyone who has participated in Feel the Teal
• Welcoming environment and friendliness
• Social media presence in the recent year (Brent Reser)
• Chant 411 (“Best thing to ever happen to CCU”)
• One Stop Shop approach (eg., Baxley Hall)

Service Weaknesses:
• Not everyone participates in Feel the Teal; faculty needs to have involvement/presence
• Signage around campus has improved, but still needs to be more service-focused
• Internal and external communication
• Technology is perceived to be outdated
• Paperwork takes too long to process, too many signatures required before approval
• The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships needs additional help answering calls due to high volume and higher service expectations

Service Opportunities:
• Expand Feel the Teal to students, especially #1 (CCU Service Basics), #3 (Civility on Campus), #4(CCU History and Traditions)
• Refresher courses with Feel the Teal after the first eight modules are complete
• Gain a more heightened Feel the Teal presence in community
• When decisions/changes/updates are made, communication could be improved by including the “why”
• Conduct exit interviews with departing students/employees to gain a service perspective

Service Threats:
• Reduced state funding
• Lack of full-time staff and slotted positions
• Continued misperceptions about Feel the Teal Service Excellence (i.e., it is just about students)
• Increased competition from other universities that focus on academic service
• Feel the Teal loses its momentum

I encourage everyone to attend the Feel the Teal training modules so we can continue to grow our culture and collegiality throughout the campus. Please keep reading future Atheneum About U articles where I will share more Service SWOT Workshop results and action steps. Thank you to everyone who is actively participating in the trainings and applying the Feel the Teal attitude and actions in your everyday service at Coastal Carolina University.


David A. DeCenzo, Ph.D.


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