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  • Hall of Nations at the Teal Nation

    September 4 2015

    This display hanging in the Lib Jackson Student Union includes 52 flags, including those of 51 nations and the United States of America. The flags represent the countries of all of our new incoming international students and new students who are permanent residents of the United States, as well as all continuing visa-holding students at CCU in the Fall 2015 semester. A total of 60 countries have continuing students at Coastal Carolina University. The countries from which Coastal has the most students are: Germany, China, Russia, Australia, France, Hungary, United Kingdom and Iceland.

    The flags are displayed in alphabetical order using the English names and all are displayed at the same level, consistent with the protocol of the United Nations and U.S. Code, which denotes that “When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height. The flags should be of approximately equal size. International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace."

  • A proposal on the Wheelwright stage

    August 14 2015

    A very special moment occurred on our campus mid-Auagust involving two members of our Coastal alumni community. Bruce Turman (communication) proposed to Erin Dooley (theatre) on the Wheelwright Auditorium stage. Both 2013 grads, Bruce sent Erin on a campus scavenger hunt that covered several spots of special meaning for the two. When the hunt ended in Wheelwright, Bruce got down on one knee and asked the question, and Erin said YES. Congrats to the newly engaged couple!

  • The Martins welcome twin babies

    August 19 2015

    Joshua T. Martin '04 and his wife Dr. Fiona McEvoy Martin welcomed twins William Bryce and McKenna Hope on Aug. 1, 2015. Josh is a P.E. teacher for the Horry County School District. He earned his M.Ed. in Technology from Lesley University in 2010.

    The twins grandparents are Chris and Tim Martin, who both worked at CCU previously.

  • 'We know we made the right choice': A parent's move-in story

    August 19 2015

    I first met Kristin and Paul Green at freshman orientation in late June, and it was one of those instant connections, kindred parental spirits if you will. My son Ryan and their son Jordan are both undeclared, assigned to Eaglin, and seem to be cut from the same 'boy mold.'

    We tried to connect again at move-in, but it was just too hectic. Kristin touched base on Saturday to let me know that what was already an emotional trip (Jordan is their youngest) became even more so when their flight back to Baltimore was cancelled due to the MidAtlantic air traffic glitch.

    They couldn't get out by plane until Tuesday, and there wasn't a rental car to be had, so I suggested they drive with my daughter and me back to Baltimore -- the airport is only a stone's throw from our home. They agreed, and we had a delightful dinner on Saturday evening after a gorgeous day on the beach, then rolled out at o'darkthirty on Sunday morning. The trip simply flew by thanks to their good company, and I know I've made new lifelong friends.

    If this is a sign of what my son is going to experience at Coastal, then I know he's made the right choice!

    Thanks for your assistance!

    Julia Lynch
    Chief of Staff
    Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services
    Columbia, Md.

  • CCU's Barkers have a new grandbaby

    August 21 2015

    Kelli and Dennis Barker have a new grandson. Benjamin Ira Brady was born Aug. 13, 2015, and weighed in at 8.7 pounds and 21 inches long. He is the son of Cassie Barker and Tommy Brady.

    Kelli is the director of operations at the Myrtle Beach Education Center, and her husband Dennis is a building and grounds specialist in the Department of Facilities and Custodial Services.



  • ChantiCrew on the move and New Student Convocation

    August 22 2015

    In organized fashion, Coastal Carolina University’s ChantiCrew volunteers were busy moving in about 4,200 new students and returning Aug. 14 and 15.

    With more than 500 faculty, staff and student volunteers helping out, students and their families moved onto campus, checked in, dropped off belongings, moved into their rooms and got ready for Friday’s Family Reception at the HTC Center.

    Melissa Paschuck, international student services coordinator, was one of the staff volunteers for ChantiCrew. It was her second year to help freshmen move into their residence halls. She decorated her teal shirt with “Allons-y!” which is French for “Let’s Go!” She had urged the 86 international students to help out on Move-In Day and felt she should be there as well.

    “It’s just a fun opportunity to meet students and help out where help is needed,” says Paschuck. “Plus, I couldn’t ask them to help without helping myself.”

    Thirty-four faculty members helped students on Moving Day. They included faculty: Patti Edwards, Margaret Fain, JoAnne Flanders, Keshav Jahannathan, Roger Johansen, Emma Savage-Davis, Jamia Thomas-Richmond, Yoav Wachsman, David Yancey and Women's Basketball Coach Jaida Williams.

    Staff volunteers were: Robert Bulsza, Lee Carter, Daniel Cochran, Whitney Comer, Seleah Crosland, Brady Cross, Amanda Darden, Nick DeStefano, Chris Donevant-Haines, Sierra Hairston, Kay Hungerford, Chris Mee, Paschuck, Denise Perez, Sean Pierce, Jennifer Poindexter, Daniel Rabon, Audralee Scofield, Stephanie Brownell, Caitlin Jacobs, Lyle Morris, Tasha Newcomb, Kenneth Roach and Gary Roper.

    The Move-In Days were part of CINO (Coastal Is Number One) TIE (Tradition, Integrity, Excellence) that kicked off on Friday, Aug. 14.

    In addition to the two Move-In Days, other events are held throughout the weekend for students and families such as a Coastal Beach Bash, sand volleyball tournament, movies, a pool tournament and more.

    On Sunday, students attended the New Student Convocation in the HTC Center. As part of the convocation ceremony, members of the freshman class took the Coastal Carolina University Honor Pledge, promising to take responsibility for their personal behavior as defined in the CCU Code of Student Conduct.

    Student Carly Mills addressed the freshman class, telling them, "You've chose Coastal, now choose success." 

  • CCU alumna '04 goes to Mrs. America pageant

    August 25 2015

    Jatana Brown Jackston '04 is headed to the Mrs. America pageant on Sept. 26. A former CCU cheerleader, she is the reigning Mrs. Virginia.

    Jatana and her husband Joshua have been married for 10 years. Together, they have two little boys: Joshua, 6, and James, 4. She teaches Elite Beachbody, a health and fitness program.

    "As Mrs. Virginia, in addition to raising awareness to many other causes, I would spend my year focusing on the importance of mentorship," says Jackson. "Within my community, I am currently mentoring several young woman who are battling tough circumstances that I am very familiar with. I feel like there is a great need for understanding women to come along side these young ladies to empower them for the great things they were designed to do. This includes many things from casting a lifelong vision to just being a positive listening ear in their lives."

  • Coordinator of Civic Engagement named

    August 25 2015

    Elaine Giles has been named coordinator of civic engagement in the Office of Student Life at Coastal Carolina University.

    Giles comes from Florida State University where she served as the dommunity engagement graduate assistant in the Center for Leadership & Social Change. She has a master’s degree in higher education and a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Louisiana State University. In her time at FSU, she worked extensively on Alternative Break trips. While in her undergraduate program at LSU, Giles founded and implemented Geaux BIG Baton Rouge, a day of service initiative in which more than 800 students provided assistance to the local community in one day. She can be reached at or 843-349-2939.

  • New faculty gets oriented

    August 25 2015

    By Dodi Hodges, associate professor and director of CeTEAL

    The New Faculty Orientation was held on Aug. 11 and 12 in the Lib Jackson Student Union, acclimating the 48 new faculty hired by Coastal Carolina University’s colleges.

    The faculty come from a variety of locations including Australia, Hawaii, the Northeast, Midwest, Southwest and the Southeast. There are some new freshly-minted master’s level lecturers and tenure-line faculty who within days of the Orientation successfully defended their dissertations, as well as veteran faculty who have taught for several years.
    The New Faculty Orientation included more than 30 speakers, and 60 exhibitors were scheduled for four EXPOs. The EXPOs are a relatively new addition to the New Faculty Orientation over the past four years. During morning and afternoon breaks of about 45 minutes, offices and programs participating in the EXPOs were given the opportunity to meet the new faculty in small groups or one-to-one. Before the EXPOs, the new faculty were given a “Passport,” and as they visited each exhibitor, they collected a “stamp.” The passports were then submitted for opportunities to win door prizes at the end of the orientation. Jean Bennett led the charge and was able to acquire donations for the door prizes worth approximately $3,100. In the meantime, at the EXPOs, the new faculty were also collecting “goodies” from the offices that ranged from brochures explaining a program to thumb drives and bags.

    President David DeCenzo and Provost Ralph Byington welcomed the faculty the first day and gave the new faculty an opportunity to ask questions. Debbie Conner, vice president for campus life and student engagement, provided the faculty with information about CCU students. Through other presenters, faculty learned more about Title IX, student conduct issues and student athletes. They were able to meet their deans at lunch and discuss specific expectations for their respective colleges. Faculty governance and universitywide initiatives like experiential learning and online learning were shared as well. At the end of the day, they had an opportunity to have their picture taken with Academic Chauncey.

    On the second day, the history of CCU was shared, and Byington offered another opportunity for questions. Professor Louis Keiner followed by getting the new faculty members actively engaged in thinking about effective teaching. They also learned what to do the first day of class and what is required on their syllabi. The group was separated into two sessions: one about research on campus, and the other about acclimating to academia for faculty who are not required to do research. The faculty panel -- he most popular session -- ended the day prior to door prizes being awarded.

  • Mail Services is now open

    August 28 2015

    The renovations to the University Mail Services location in Sands Hall at 107 Founders Drive are now complete, and the post office is once again open for business. As in the past, requests for stamps can be made through interoffice mail using the Stamps by Mail order form, which is available by clicking on the link on the Faculty/Staff Mail Services page and logging in.

    If any departments need chargeback pads with barcodes, please send an email request to Laura Doerrbecker ( or Holly McCain-Minnis (, and we will be happy to send them to you. In the past, we used white slips, but now we will be issuing pink or blue slips in their place. The new slips are formatted the same as the white ones were, so please sign, date and check the appropriate box for the service you wish to use.

    The hours for Mail Services are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. through 5 p.m. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. We will also be operating the Conway Post Office on the same schedule as previously; the last Conway run will leave the University at 3:30 p.m. Any mail brought to Mail Services after this time will be postmarked with the following day’s date and will be taken to the Conway Post Office the next morning.

    Effective fall 2015, students will have 24/7 access to their CCU mailboxes; however, package pickup will be available only during regular operating hours.

  • CIA performs with Gloria Gaynor at Opry

    August 31 2015

    The Coastal Inspirational Ambassadors performed with singer Gloria Gaynor at the Carolina Opry on Sunday, Aug. 31.

    Here are some reactions to that performance:

    "The feeling of being on stage with Gloria Gaynor is one that cannot be described. We are so grateful that we were chosen be a part! of the performance! It was an experience of a lifetime. Thank you to everyone who supported the Coastal Inspirational Ambassadors."

    – Domonic D. Prince – student director of the choir

    “It was such an honor and privilege to be on stage with a legend. On behalf of the Coastal Inspirational Ambassadors, we would like to thank Gloria Gaynor for such a wonderful opportunity abd most definitely a GREAT experience!

    – Eia Richardson – 2015-16 president of the choir

    "The CIA “showed up” in their performance at the Gloria Gaynor concert at the Carolina Opry. The choir accompanied Ms. Gaynor on three gospel songs she had written that had not been performed in front of an audience yet. The CIA performed in teal CCU choir robes and represented the TEALnation with pride."

    – Debbie Conner, vice president of campus life and student engagement

  • Don't cancel class – call The COAST

    August 31 2015

    Counseling Services is offering the “Don’t Cancel Class” program during the Fall 2015 semester. If you need to cancel a class, you or your administrative specialist may call Chris Donevant-Haines at The COAST (Counseling Outreach Advocacy Student Team) at 843-349-5022 to check availability of coverage for your class. When possible, Counseling Services staff or SHORE Peer Educators will cover your class by providing psycho-educational programming in your absence.

    For requests made on the day of the class, Haines is normally at her desk by 8:30 a.m. and will be able to notify administrative specialists of counseling staff availability to cover a class session.

    If you know in advance that you will be missing a class, it is preferred that you call in advance and schedule a psycho-educational presentation on the topic of your choice. This will help all of our students to take advantage of every possible educational moment to develop not only intellectually, but emotionally and behaviorally as well.

    This semester we will be highlighting the following topics in our programs:

    • Dealing With Conflict – This interactive session will address the many ways students experience conflict and effective techniques to manage conflict in interpersonal relationships.

    • Step Up! Bystander Intervention with a focus on:
           • Depression/Suicide
           • Dating/Domestic Violence
           • Sexual Violence

    • OMG! I’m Losing It – This is an interactive program designed to help students recognize the signs of stress and provide strategies and techniques to help manage stress levels.

    When scheduling a “Don’t Cancel Class” program, please don’t mention to your students that you won’t be in class that day since this often leads to students skipping class that day. We will be happy to take attendance during the class.

    We appreciate your participation in this important program. If you have any questions, feel free to call either me in Counseling Services at 843-349-2305 or Chris at The COAST at 843-349-5022. You may also stop in The COAST in the Room A108 of the Lib Jackson Student Union to schedule a presentation.

    Jennie M. Cassidy, Ph.D.
    Director, Counseling Services
    Coastal Carolina University
    P.O. Box 261954
    Conway, SC 29528-6054
    Phone: (843) 349-2305
    Fax: (843) 349-2898


  • Health honor society raises funds for ebola crisis

    August 11 2015

    By Fredanna MacCormack McGough

    The main project for the Health Promotion Honor Society Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG) this past Spring 2015 was to raise awareness and funds to address the Ebola crisis that has plagued Sierra Leone since May 2014. Three countries were most affected (Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia). As we moved into 2015, we saw the numbers begin to dwindle, and we saw Liberia become ebola free, and Sierra Leone reduced its numbers daily. Unfortunately, in Liberia, two fresh cases were identified.

    The ebola crisis really exposed the poor health structures of these impoverished nations and put people’s ability to get health care at risk. The fragile health systems were further weakened by the ebola crisis, and the small clinics continued to struggle.

    Therefore, understanding that there is a ripple effect of this issue as the countries hope to recover, Eta Sigma Gamma decided to support small clinics and orphans of the ebola crisis by creating a donations drive and raising funds.

    Members of the Coastal Carolina University family really helped support the humanitarian efforts.

    ESG sponsored the End Ebola Now Concert that featured Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars.

    The following individuals and groups deserve credit in raising the funds and supplies.

    College of Science and Department of Health Sciences
    The CCU Athletic Department and its families raised funds and provided donations under the leadership of Christine Toner and Karoline Baldus
    CCU Football Team, Basketball Team and Baseball Team items for raffles
    Multicultural Students Services
    Student Health Services
    Student Activities
    Office of International Programs and Services
    Professor Terry Booth (Horry Georgetown Technical College)
    Community members
    Michael McGough (my husband)
    Also, Terri DeCenzo helped with getting the word out, and both she and CCU President David DeCenzo helped to support the concert.

    More than $2,000 was raised that will help support programs from different sources. Also, seven barrels of medical items will be going to social workers in Sierra Leone.

  • Housing has moved!

    August 28 2015

    Teh Department of University Housing has moved. The following staff members are now in the University Housing suite in Tradition Hall:

    Sharon McCants, Room 135
    Rebecca Bogart, 115
    Susan Story, 135E
    Stephen Harrison, 135F
    Stephen Swieton, 135H
    David Betsch, 135G
    Katherine Shamburger,135I
    Rocken Roll, 135J
    Lynda Roberts, 135K
    Stella Gore ,135L
    Kathy Daley, 135M
    Justin Poindexter, 135N
    Leslie Hogan, 135O

    Please use these addresses for interdepartmental mail and as otherwise needed.