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Philosophy and the Sciences Series: Do You See What I See? How Social Differences Influence Our Perceptions Bookmark and Share

Feb 18

4 p.m. @ James J. Johnson Auditorium
Free, no ticket required

Shannon Spaulding, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Oklahoma State University

We often find ourselves disagreeing with people about how to interpret contentious events, like the protests in Ferguson, MO, the death of Eric Garner, and the behavior of police in hostile encounters with citizens. These disagreements are both common and distressing, especially when the people who disagree with us are good, reasonable, well-meaning people. As it turns out, how you perceive and interpret these events is significantly influenced by your own social characteristics. In this talk, philosopher Spaulding explains several philosophical theories of perception, the psychological features that lead to the disagreements, and the practical implications of such disagreements.
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