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I Spy: Officer Dejesus adds service with a smile to the late shift

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Coastal Carolina University security officer David Dejesus loves sports.
Coastal Carolina University security officer David Dejesus loves sports.

Coastal Carolina University security officer David Dejesus made a library full of tired students and employees very happy when he brought pizza in during finals week this past fall. The Kimbel Library employees were holding “de-stress” activities for the students when the officer came in on Dec. 9 with three boxes of cheese pizza.

“This was a ‘de-stresser’ for us, and we truly appreciated it,” said William Carter, access services supervisor for Kimbel Library and nominator of Dejesus for I Spy. “We’re thankful for Officer Dejesus and all of the public safety department officials who work to ensure our safety and security, especially on the overnight shifts.”

Dejesus, a 25-year-old New York native from Washingtonville, moved to Myrtle Beach in September 2015. He “came down here blind,” he said, looking for a change of pace and scenery. He had vacationed here for many years and found it to be the “perfect place.” After living in New York his whole life, he was ready for something new. He had wanted to move for many years, but needed the push to do so.

“If you chase happiness, everything will work out,” Dejesus said, quoting his father.

In New York, Dejesus was a delivery driver for a restaurant distribution company. In his free time, he enjoyed going to Mets, Knicks and Giants games and traveling around New York state. When the tragic shooting incident at Sandy Hook, Conn., occurred, he volunteered by interacting one on one with survivors, trying to take their minds off the event by engaging them in playing basketball and other activities.

Dejesus quickly found a job with CCU after his move and has loved every day since. He works the night shift in the Department of Public Safety from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., and finds the work entertaining and rewarding. He was not sure what to expect of the job or the University at first, but he likes the people here and appreciates the Southern hospitality.
 Though Dejesus brought his friendly face from New York, he packed his competitive nature as well. He found his way to the Myrtle Beach Bombers, a local adult baseball team.

“I’m so competitive sometimes,” he says. “I’ll have a water-chugging race with the guy next to me. It must drive my coworkers crazy.”

His love for sports is a major part of his life. He played baseball, basketball and football all throughout high school. He is now a volunteer with Carolina Forest High School’s baseball team as a player developer. He believes he is able to relate to this age group easily and is looking forward to spending time with the students.

Helping children and teenagers is a passion for Dejesus. He aspires to be a high school health teacher to help teenagers through the difficult times that the world exposes them to. He would also like to coach baseball, basketball or football.

“It wasn’t that long ago that I was in their shoes,” Dejesus said. “I remember the awkward times, being exposed to drugs, alcohol, peer pressure and everything else. I just want to be there for them while they’re going through that to show them the right way of handling things.”

He is currently in the process of making his dream a reality. He attended Clinton Community College in Plattsburgh, N.Y., but decided to start working after two years of school. After his move to Myrtle Beach, he decided it was time for him to pursue his goal. He is in the application process with CCU to become an education major, and he hopes to begin classes soon. If things do not work out with CCU, he would like to go into the police academy since he has loved his job with public safety so much.

“Happiness is a part of your paycheck,” Dejesus said. “It doesn’t matter how much I make. What matters is whether or not I’m happy, and that’s all I’m after.”

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Coastal Carolina University security officer David Dejesus loves sports. David Dejesus has always played sports such as baseball, basketball and football. Dejesus plays with the Myrtle Beach Bombers.
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