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Work In Progress Construction updates.

Chaucey Work in Progress
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  • » August update on campus construction projects

    The paving of Founders and Chanticleer Drives has been completed. There are two lanes of traffic and bike lanes along the curbside of the road.

    The crosswalk at University Boulevard and Chanticleer Drive East is now completed as well. This creates a safe path for pedestrians to cross over to the parking lot at the Lackey Chapel. At the cul-de-sacs, the infrastructure is now in place now for the gates that are going to be installed. There will be brick pillars along with a metal gates structure that can be opened in case of an emergency or for events like move-In, graduation, athletic competitions, etc.

    The Wall Building third floor renovation is now complete. All of the offices and suites have been painted along with the restrooms and classrooms. All the carpet was replaced along with the sound panels in the tiered classrooms. The stationary seats have been replaced as well.

    The Singleton Building renovation is still on schedule to be completed in September. All of the carpet has been installed, and work on the wood trim and ceilings installation is ongoing. The ADA ramps are in place in the front of the building and will be connected to the existing sidewalks.

    At Kearns Hall, the 13 dormers haven been replaced with new copper ones.

    Another Cooling Tower will be installed at the Central Cooling Plant, which will add about 900 more cooling tons to the system.

    The Smith Science Building renovation has been bid out and is set to begin in late August. The project is slated to be completed in October 2017.

    In September, the UP Dining Hall will be bid out along with the sand volleyball project.

  • » Public Safety reminds of changes

    As construction on Chanticleer Drive is completed and the lines are painted on the repaved roadway, you will notice that there have been some changes.

    There is now a single travel lane in each direction around Chanticleer Drive and bike lanes to the outside near the curbs. There is no longer a left turn lane in the middle.

    The two center lanes (one in each direction) are for motor vehicles: cars, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, low speed vehicles, etc. The bike lanes (also one in each direction) are intended for human-powered vehicles: bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, etc. The bike lanes are the travel lanes for these vehicles. The sidewalks are intended for the use of pedestrians. Golf carts are not permitted to operate or park in bike lanes.

    As a reminder to the community, any vehicle – including bicycles – that will be parked on campus must have a parking decal. Parking decals are available now through the Department of Public Safety.

    In addition to all applicable state, county and city rules, regulations and ordinances, the traffic rules and regulations for all vehicles used on the campus are available.

    For more information, call the Department of Public Safety at 843-349-2177