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Work In Progress Construction updates.

Chaucey Work in Progress
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  • » New lactation room opens for nursing mothers

    Students, faculty, staff and visitors with nursing babies have a new room to make their lives easier – a permanent lactation room is being made available in Room 207 in Kimbel Library.

    Denise Perez, Title IX coordinator, said there has been an increase of requests for a space like this, but there hasn’t been a permanent, dedicated room until now.

    “Staff members have asked for this, and student mothers have asked for it,” said Perez. “We always accommodate them, but it’s often in a random place that isn’t always functional.”

    Sara Wise, career services counselor, said there are often external requests for such a space.

    “From time to time we have hosted recruiters who are nursing moms and we have needed to identify spaces for them to use," said Wise. "Additionally, during new faculty orientation, there were three nursing moms who needed a room, and we allowed them to use a vacant office in our suite. At the recent career fair, the recruiter from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was a nursing mom, and we therefore booked a space that she could use. As a staff member, any time we have an event out of our main office, I have to locate a space to pump or pump in my car, which doesn't exactly provide much privacy when students stream through the parking lots."

    Wise, whose daughter Iris is 6 months old, said, "Pumping moms benefit from a relaxing and private space."

    Perez, who is a nursing mom herself to 7-month-old Mickey, said she is most excited about all the amenities the room has to offer. Decorated like a nursery, the room is complete with a rocking chair, refrigerator, microwave and changing table, and even has a baby play area with toys and books to keep little ones occupied.

    "It is perfect for women who are pumping or nursing,” said Perez. “It is very comfortable, and it has been badly needed.”

    The windowed door has blinds that can be closed, and an “occupied” sign outside the door that can be engaged.

  • » Two parking lots to close through February

    Beginning Monday, Dec. 5, a contractor will be installing new chilled water piping along Chanticleer Drive East from Tom Trout Drive to the mechanical room serving the Edwards Humanities building.

    This work will require the blocking of parking lots in front of Hampton Hall and Edwards Humanities buildings.These parking lots will be closed for an extended period of time. The contractor will install a silt fence and signage to inform students to stay out of the construction areas.

    The fence installation will begin Dec. 5. This project will continue through February. A sketch of the routing of the chilled water piping is at the bottom of this article. This work is required to connect the Edwards Humanities building to our Central Cooling Plant.