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Feel the Teal: Announcing Chauncey Credit

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I am excited and pleased to announce the start of our universitywide recognition program for service excellence. Chauncey Credit was highlighted in last month’s Atheneum, and I’d like to share more specific details and answers to three questions about Feel the Teal’s recognition program with you today.

What is Chauncey Credit, and who can get this credit?
Chauncey Credit is a recognition effort that gives employees opportunities to celebrate others for their service excellence here at CCU. Chauncey Credit comes in the form of CINO Cash between $10 and $50 that will be added to an employee’s CINO Card. This program is unique in that employees who receive Chauncey Credit can use it at The Chanticleer Store or the Hackler Pro Shop. Any CCU employee is eligible for Chauncey Credit.

At the beginning of July, each vice president was provided with a designated Chauncey Credit budget for the fiscal year. Funding was allocated on a proportional basis, according to the headcount of the division. Over the next month or so, the vice president or designated leader will allocate the funding to reporting department heads/chairs who will award deserving employees.

What does Chauncey Credit recognize people for?
Chauncey Credit recognizes employees who go above and beyond in providing service to an internal or external customer. Areas of recognition are based on values specified in the SERVQUAL model of service quality:
• Reliability: Provides dependable and honest service by going above and beyond for customers.
• Responsiveness: Offers prompt and efficient service that creates a fast and friendly experience.
• Assurance: Acts knowledgably to listen and creatively solve problems for others.
• Empathy: Demonstrates excellent care and understanding.
• Tangibles: Displays, improves and serves others through professional tangibles in all settings.

How do I recognize an employee for service excellence?

Starting in the 2017 fall semester, employees can nominate any employee across campus. Employees can reach out to department heads/chairs (or their designees) with positive recognition, and the department head will be responsible for completing the “Chauncey Credit Award Form.” The form will require the approval of the respective department head/chair. You can find the form under “Training, Development and Service Excellence” section of the CCU’s forms page.

I strongly encourage all employees, supervisors and/or others in the employee’s administrative channel to use this program when you hear about or observe exceptional customer service interactions. You may recognize employee service excellence by contacting their supervisor who can then award the Chauncey credit.

It is my hope that Chauncey Credit will serve as a visible reminder to our community of the service priority we have in place. Feel the Teal is a successful initiative because of the effort and vision of our employees. Chauncey Credit is a unique and spontaneous way that we can all unite as members of Teal Nation in an effort to celebrate our successes.


David A. DeCenzo, Ph.D.


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