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Family Council

Coastal Carolina University’s Family Council is a group of approximately 20 family members of current CCU students who serve as liaisons between the University and all other CCU family members. The Family Council serves as the voice for family members’ concerns and questions about the University, works to provide relevant programming for family members and builds a connection with new families and students as they enter CCU.

Tips for New CCU Family Members From The Family Council:

1. Create a profile on and sign up for CCU alerts in order to stay up-to-date on the latest CCU happenings.
2. Talk to your student about getting parent/guardian WebAdvisor access.
3. Create a communication plan with your student. What are your expectations? What are theirs?
4. Discuss financial expectations. Who is paying the bill? Who pays for the parking tickets?
5. Encourage your student to use ALL of the resources available to them, including CHANT411.
6. Do not let your student come home until after Family Weekend. It will help with the adjustment to a new environment.
7. Sign the medical power of attorney and give your student a copy of his or her insurance card. Better to be safe than sorry.
8. Connect to other CCU family members and campus resources through the family experience portal, social media, and events like Family Weekend.
9. Encourage your student to get involved!
10. Relax. Your student’s safety and security are CCU’s number one priority.

Interested In Being A Member Of The Family Council?

Applications are currently closed for the 2021-22 Family Council. Applications for the 2022-23 Family Council will open in the summer of 2022.

The Family Fund

The Family Council Fund has been established by the CCU Family Council to support families of CCU students who have experienced or are experiencing an emergent situation that has created a financial hardship for the family in order to support and respond appropriately to the needs of their current CCU student.  Examples of this may include but are not limited to hospitalization of student, student illness, death of loved one, etc.

The Family Council has given out over $3,000 to support fellow family members through the Family Fund.

Click here to apply.