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Spring Orientation Academic Advisers

Once you have registered for Orientation, you may contact your academic adviser to get assistance in creating your class schedule. Once your courses have been determined, you should ask your academic adviser to contact the Office of New Student and Family Programs at 843-349-2027 to have the Orientation hold lifted. Failure to attend Orientation will result in your class schedule being dropped.

Some of your courses may not seamlessly transfer into the Core Curriculum at Coastal. You may wish to set up an appointment with the director of Core Curriculum during transfer orientation to review your Coastal program evaluation form and transfer equivalency report to identify courses that can be petitioned into the Core.

Contact the director of the Core Curriculum ( or check out the Core Curriculum for Transfer Students website.

To determine your academic adviser and find their contact information, see the list below by major.

Accounting Kayla Johnson 843-349-2427
Anthropology and Geography Kenneth Lewis 843-349-2858
Art History Heather Huffman 843-349-2941
Biochemistry David Evans 843-349-2209
Biology John Hutchens 843-349-6483
Chemistry David Evans 843-349-2209
Communication Tasha Newcomb 843-349-2035
Computer Science William Jones 843-349-4142
Digital Culture and Design Heather Huffman 843-349-2941
Early Childhood Education Karen Cafaro 843-349-6537
Economics Amanda Speiser 843-349-2986
Elementary Education Karen Cafaro 843-349-6537
Engineering Science Brian Bunton 843-349-2066
English Kenneth Lewis 843-349-2858
Exercise and Sport Science Greg Martel 843-349-2957
Finance Amanda Speiser 843-349-2986
Graphic Design Frankie Weeks 843-349-2498
Health Administration John Yannessa 843-349-6460
History Anne Berler 843-349-4080
Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management Kate Byron 843-349-6529
Information Systems Jean French 843-349-3430
Information Technology Jean French 843-349-3430
Intelligence and National Security Studies Alan Reynolds 843-349-2730
Interdisciplinary Studies Agatha O'Brien-Gayes 843-349-2720
Languages and Intercultural Studies Kenneth Lewis 843-349-2858
Management Penny Bell 843-349-2691
Marine Science Jane Guentzel 843-349-2374
Marketing Kate Byron 843-349-6529
Mathematics Tom Hoffman 843-349-2249
Middle Level Education Karen Cafaro 843-349-6537
Music Frankie Weeks 843-349-2561
Musical Theatre Heather Huffman 843-349-2941
Philosophy Alan Reynolds 843-349-2730
Physical Education/Teacher Education Karen Cafaro 843-349-6537
Physics Brian Bunton 843-349-2066
Political Science Alan Reynolds 843-349-2730
Psychology Terri Pettijohn 843-349-6447
Public Health John Yannessa 843-349-6460
Recreation and Sport Management Colleen McGlone 843-349-2989
Sociology Bob Jenkot 843-349-2274
Special Education - Learning Disabilities Karen Cafaro 843-349-6537
Statistics Tom Hoffman 843-349-2249
Theatre Heather Huffman 843-349-2941
Theatre Arts Heather Huffman 843-349-2941
Undeclared Agatha O'Brien-Gayes
Michele Varga
Undeclared Business Penny Bell
Kate Byron
Undeclared Education Karen Cafaro 843-349-6537
Undeclared Humanities Heather Huffman 843-349-2941
Undeclared Science Teresa Keith 843-349-6534