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For OLLI Instructors

If you are interested in teaching a course or providing a lecture for OLLI, we welcome your participation. The first step in this process is to submit a Course Proposal form. Our preferred means is for you to complete the Online Course Proposal Form. Please click this link and follow the directions on the screen, completing separate forms for each class you propose. If you cannot access the online form, we invite you to stop by one of our centers and we will guide you through the process. 

If you would like to lead a club, please fill out the Club proposal form located at this link. Club leaders are not paid for their service, but do receive a complimentary membership for the semester. If you are proposing a new club, please consult with an OLLI director first so that you are fully aware of the differences between classes and clubs.

Submission of a course or club proposal does not guarantee that a course or club will go forward. The Curriculum Committee will consult past enrollment records, evaluations, and other data to determine what courses and clubs to offer each semester. 

Substitute W-9 and Vendor Application Form
Technology Request
Acknowledgement of Status
Online Proposal Form

A Taste of OLLI and Instructor Workshops

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of your marketing your classes as effectively as possible. We distribute the print catalog throughout the Grand Strand area, invest in advertising in local papers and on radio and sometimes TV, and conduct constant outreach presentations to area groups and at area events. We also rely on our instructors to participate in the marketing in two important ways. As an introduction to each semester, OLLI hosts A Taste of OLLI for current and potential members. This overview of the semester has been a huge success, smoothing the registration process and giving teachers the opportunity to promote their courses. A Taste of OLLI Spring 2020 is scheduled as follows: 9 a.m. to noon, Tuesday, January 7 at Conway and Thursday, January 9, at the Litchfield Education Center.

From 9:00 to 11:00 during the Taste of OLLI at the Conway and Litchfield centers, instructors have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with potential students as they “shop around” for the courses they wish to take. Please consider this opportunity to be your personal marketing tool for generating enrollment in your course. You are invited to set up (at a table (2’ x 3’) that we provide) a display related to your course, pass out flyers, and entice students to take your class through your conversations with them. Plan to stay for the entire two hours if possible to reach the largest audience. We will hold a general meeting at 11 a.m. to promote excursions, special events, and our lecture series; to cover the benefits of membership; and to explain OLLI policies and procedures. You are welcome to attend this meeting as well.

Another strategy for recruiting students, especially useful to new instructors, is to offer a free class. We are changing our approach this semester, allowing instructors to give free 20-minute overviews of their courses on January 13 and 14, or 45-minute previews on January 15. We will not pay instructors for their participation in the Taste of OLLI or for the overview classes, but we will waive the membership fee for all instructors who take advantage of these two chances to market their courses. Innovative and informative titles and course descriptions (both the short ones that appear in the printed catalog and the longer ones online) also help increase enrollment. We charge students $5/hr for courses, so offering a one 4-week class (and then a sequel of the same length) often works better than offering an 8-week class. Not only does the cost seem more attractive, but many of our students travel, so shorter classes also fit better into their busy schedules.

Instructor Volunteerism and OLLI Membership Requirements

The Osher Foundation expects institutes to rely heavily on volunteers. All of the club leaders are volunteers, and a number of our instructors donate their teaching skills for one or more courses, workshops or interest groups. Your contributed time from September 4 through 11 counts toward our volunteerism goals.

All instructors must be members of OLLI during the semester they teach, either by paying for an OLLI membership ($25) or receiving a complimentary one (with all benefits) by marketing the course through the Taste of OLLI and offering a free overview. Note: CCU faculty and staff are exempt from this requirement since they already receive the benefits of membership as an employee of CCU. However, we encourage CCU faculty and staff to participate in both marketing endeavors if their schedules permit.

This semester, Instructor Workshops are not required for those who have attended in the past. Veteran instructors are certainly welcome to come and share their words of wisdom with the newcomers, but only first-time instructors are required to attend. The Instructor Workshop will take place on Thursday, January 16, from 10:00 a.m. until noon at the Conway Education Center, 290 Allied Drive on east campus.

Instructor Pay Paperwork

Lisa Williams is your contact for all payment concerns. Please submit your W-9/vendor application and acknowledgement form by the first day of class at any of our centers. Your invoice should be submitted on or immediately prior to the last day of class and on an appropriate form. Payment typically takes two to four weeks to cycle through all the approval steps. If there are problems or if information is missing, the process takes longer. Note: CCU’s accounts payable office has up to 30 days to pay on an invoice. You can contact Lisa at or 843-349-2025.

Once we have scheduled your class(es), you will receive a packet that contains a revised vendor and W-9 form, an acknowledgment form as an independent contractor, an instructor agreement, guidelines for teaching adult learners, a technology request form and a sample invoice. You may use your Social Security number or provide a federal ID number on the required W-9. The link to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) online is An invoice should be submitted just prior to the last class of your course; you may submit a separate invoice as each course you teach is completed – invoices must be typed or computer generated (not submitted in pen or pencil).

The course proposal form for the Spring 2020 term is available online by clicking this link or visiting our website ( and going to the “For OLLI Instructors” page under “OLLI” on the main menu. You need to supply your biographical information only once, but otherwise complete one form for each course and club you are proposing. If you opt not to change your biography and you wish to use the same course description as in the previous semester, please put “see previous biography” or “see previous course description.” We are requiring that all instructors submit their proposals through this online form. If you have difficulty accessing or using a computer, please come to one of our centers and the staff will give you access to a computer and guide you as you enter the information. You will get an email confirming and providing you with a copy of each submission.

Please feel free to contact Lisa at 843-349-2025 if you have any questions. You can also direct questions to the assistant director and director of operations for Conway, Kelli Barker at 843-349-5003. We look forward to your participation in our program this fall.