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Annual Giving Campaign

Annual Giving Campaign

Our goal is to raise  $20,000 in donations from our  membership each calendar year. Any gift, large or small, is important since both dollars raised and the number of individuals giving shows the Osher Foundation how much the community supports our program.

Giving Testimonials:

I have been a volunteer in the OLLI program for about 8 years; first as an OLLI Ambassador, then as a Board Member. I have been blessed in my life and volunteering enables me an opportunity to give back. Needless to say my fears about retirement were wrong. My life has been anything but boring. OLLI has provided me with stimulus, entertainment and personal satisfaction. Between the courses and the volunteer work, I have met and made friends with people from all parts of the Grand Strand. I wish I could say that moving to a college town was part of our plan, but we actually discovered all the benefits after we arrived. I now tell my friends that having a college or university close by is one of the most important things they should seek out when deciding on a retirement location. OLLI is a major asset for our community. I would urge everyone to participate in OLLI and support its presence.

-Mike Kohler, OLLI Member

Some OLLI courses are free to us. They are sometimes offered to encourage people to become more familiar with OLLI or a specific area. Other courses are offered at a reasonable fee. Coastal Carolina has made a commitment to support OLLI as a part of their community outreach, but the cost of space, instructors, and administrative cost can be significant. So I am happy to support this program now so I can continue to enjoy this bargain in the long run.

-Jerry Conley, OLLI Member

Make new friends, explore South Carolina on an OLLI excursion, dive into a subject you’ve always wanted to learn, or teach someone else what you know – there are dozens of ways OLLI@CCU can help you thrive.
Joining the OLLI @CCU was one of the first things I did when I moved to South Carolina. OLLI classes, clubs, trips and friends will keep me young for a long time. How do I know? I’m the fourth member of my family to be an active member of an OLLI.

-Blake Crawford, Board of Advisors member

It’s the perfect time to thank our fabulous OLLI staff, excellent professors and all of the wonderful volunteers who continue to educate and inspire us all. It’s also a good time to remind everyone that it’s not too late to make your  tax deductible donation to make sure that this exceptional program will continue for years to come.

-Kathleen Eroszonak, Board of Advisors member