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Volunteer with OLLI

Volunteers are the heart and soul of OLLI programs. By volunteering, you not only provide the resources that insures the OLLI program works well but also volunteering provides a real sense of belonging to the larger community. Volunteering also allows you to meet new people and form lasting relationships. It will also provide a rich sense of giving back to an organization and a community of people that we hope become a meaningful part of your life. We hope all members will find a way to contribute to OLLI@CCU’s commitment to lifelong learning.

Here are some volunteer opportunities:

  • Committee Service
    • Outreach committee – The members of this committee are essential in OLLI’s efforts to reach out to the community to let others know about OLLI opportunities and to find new members.
    • Special Event Planning – OLLI is a multi-faceted program to include offering opportunities to socialize with other members, staff, and faculty. One way we make this possible is by offering special events that bring everyone together (e.g., CCU football game tailgates, ice cream socials, trivia nights). We can use you to help think of such events, plan, and execute them.
    • Excursions – OLLI members love to travel together to places near and far to enhance their insights into courses that are being offered and to become acquainted with the bountiful natural and historical resources of our region. Members of this committee will help in the planning and logistics of such joyful opportunities of travel and exploration.
    • Core Programming – Our members play a key role in deciding upon the sorts of courses that are best offered to our learning community. Members of this committee will help in determining the interest of our students, in reviewing the course offerings, and offering guidance about the most effective way to bring new learning opportunities to OLLI members.
    • Fundraising - Like all non-profits, OLLI depends on donations to thrive and grow. We need volunteers that have good ideas about how to encourage donations, have some fun and interesting fund-raising events and perhaps some good business sense.
    • Marketing – How do we get the word out about this wonderful opportunity? We need volunteers to offer their insights about the various ways we might market OLLI as well as help with writing script and contacting marketing outlets.
  • Office Assistance and Greeting Visitors – The OLLI office tends to be a busy place. If you would like to help with various office tasks as well as welcoming visitors, this may be the right sort of volunteer opportunity for you. You would not be expected to make a full-time commitment, but whatever amount of time you could be available during the week would be welcomed.
  • Newsletter – Staying in touch with our members and the community at large is a vital task. If you enjoy writing and editing, this may be the ideal volunteer opportunity.
  • Coffee, Tea, and Snacks – Our OLLI space will include a lounge for members and we would like to have coffee and tea and snacks available. It would be great to have volunteers oversee this part of our OLLI endeavor.

Zoom Class Monitors – Classes offered by way of Zoom have been and will continue to be essential. We can offer training in the use of Zoom so that volunteers can be available for Zoom classes to help with problems that might arise and to offer basic guidance for those instructors who might be new to Zoom.

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