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COOL Exemplary Course Designations

Courses designated as exemplary exceed standards set forth by the CCU Quality Assurance Inventory (QAI) tool used by the COOL unit for course evaluations. Courses receiving an EC (Exemplary Course) designation (a) have been reviewed and improved during a COOL Course Development Grant process, and (b) demonstrate two or more characteristics that place their course above minimum online course expectations. Contact Sherri Restauri ( for questions regarding the CD and/or QAI programs.

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Exemplary courses designed for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 academic years include:

COOL Exemplary Courses
Course Title Course Description Instructor Department Grant Type Term
CHEM 104 Kitchen Chemistry This course is designed to integrate chemistry and cooking. A description of the chemical and physical properties of foods and how the processes used when handling, preparing, and storing foods affect these properties. Drew Budner Chemistry Course Development 2015-2016
NURS 305L Health Assessment Laboratory Provides the student with the opportunity to practice the concepts and skills used when conducting a comprehensive health assessment including a health history, systems review and a complete physical exam. Scott Saccomano Nursing Course Development 2015-2016
ANTH 102 Understanding Other Cultures This course is an exploration and comparison of selected contemporary cultures, including their languages. An introduction to the concepts, methods, and data of sociocultural anthropology and anthropological linguistics. Gillian Richards-Greaves Anthropology Course Development 2015-2016
MBA 631 Marketing Strategy This course emphasizes analytical decision making within the functional areas of marketing giving the student an integrated view of marketing's role in an organization.  Monica Fine Marketing, Hospitality and Resort Tourism Course Development 2017
JOUR 201 Foundations of Journalism This course surveys the history and principles of American journalism, including its development, philosophical foundations, products, functions, social influences, current challenges and directions for the future. Wendy Weinhold Communication, Media and Culture Independent Review 2017
PUBH 201 Personal and Community Health This course investigates issues related to improving personal and community health with an emphasis of physical fitness, mental health, nutrition, stress management, sexuality, relationships, diseases, and complementary medicine for health-care. Jessica Lowery Health Sciences Course Enhancement 2017
COMM 276 Communication Research This course prepares students early for research; how to isolate problem statement, distinguish independent and dependent variables, criticize and evaluate definitions, define theories, understand how to apply methods of sound research (qualitative and quantitative), collect data and analyze scholarly articles. Corinne Dalelio Communication, Media and Culture Course Enhancement 2017