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COOL Grants

Online learning has evolved rapidly over the last decade as an educational genre capable of serving both residential and remote students, particularly those who face 21st century workplace expectations for continuous learning. These working students have created competitive global markets for online academic programs across a variety of academic disciplines. The Office of the Provost and the Coastal Office of Online Learning have joined together to provide faculty with funding opportunities to advance the development of high quality online courses and programs for graduate and undergraduate students. These grants are designed to recognize the increased utilization of this methodology by faculty to meet the needs and objectives of their courses, the University’s Strategic Plan, and the best needs of the individual program.

College Deans and Department Chairs are invited to engage their faculty in strategic planning discussions about potential online and hybrid curricula. Proposals may be submitted in two categories: A) online/hybrid programs, and B) online/hybrid curriculum courses.

*Hybrid courses are defined here as courses with 50-99% of their required course activities completed in an online environment, as measured by reduced seat time requirements, with limited on campus requirements. Similarly, Hybrid programs would have 50-99% of their required coursework available in an online format for students to complete, with limited on campus requirements.

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Past COOL Grant Course Certifications

The COOL office has awarded COOL grants to faculty from across the academic colleges and disciplines for their exemplary work on course development. Courses receiving certification have met or exceeded QM and QAI standards. The COOL team would like to acknowlege the extraordinary work performed in the following courses:

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    CBAD 350 Marketing SP14, FA17
    CBAD 373 Business Integration and Application SP14
    CBAD 401 International Business SP14
    CBAD 411 Law & Resort Tourism Management SP14
    CBAD 478 Strategic Management SP15
    CBAD 373 Business Integration and Application SP15
    HRTM 101 Introduction to Resort Tourism Management SP14
    HRTM 282 Survey of Food/Beverage Management SP14
    HRTM 364 Resort Operations Management SP14
    HRTM 386 Applied Tourism Research SP14
    HRTM 387 Conventions and Even Management SP14
    HRTM 474 Quality Process Management SP14
    HRTM 490 Seminar in Resort Tourism Planning SP14
    MBA 500 Accounting and Finance SP14
    MBA 501 Management and Marketing SP14
    MBA 502 Economics and Statistics SP14
    MBA 503 Tools for Business Analysis SP14
    MBA 600 Project Management SP17
    MBA 605 Operations and Global Supply Chain SP17
    MBA 620 Financial Management SP17
    MBA 630 Services Marketing SP17
    MBA 631 Marketing Strategy SP15, SP17 (credit hour change)
    MBA 633 Sales & Relationship Management SP17
    MBA 635 Social Media Marketing SP14, SP17 (credit hour change)
    MBA 640 Creativity & Innovation SP17
    MBA 650 Management Responsibility & Law SP17
    MBA 655 Sustainability & Social Responsibility SP17
    MBA 675 Current Topics in Entrepreneurship SP 17
    MBA 690 Global Strategy SP17
    MGMT 462 Organizational Growth and Development in a Globalized World SP15
    MKTG 351 Consumer Marketing Analysis SP14
    MKTG 357 Marketing Research FA17
    MKTG 399 Advanced Social Media Marketing SP15
    MKTG 450 Advertising SP14, SUM17 (CEG)
    MKTG 451 Retail Management SP14
    MKTG 452 Social Media Marketing SP14, SUM17 (CEG)
    MKTG 453 Integrated Marketing Communication FA17
    MKTG 454 International Marketing FA17
    MKTG 455 Personal Selling and Sales Management FA17
    MKTG 458 Marketing Strategy FA17
    MKTG 497 Marketing Internship FA17

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    EDEC/SP 621 Introduction to Early Childhood Special Education SP15
    EDEC/SP 622 Partnerships in Early Childhood Special Education SP15
    EDEC/SP 623 Assessment of Young Children with Special Needs SP15
    EDEC/SP 624 Procedures for Working with Young Children with Special Needs SP15
    EDEC/SP 625 Social/Emotional Development and Guidance for Children w/Disabilities SP15
    EDSP 630 Single-case Research SP15
    EDSP 635 Advanced Topics in Special Education SP15
    EDSP 690 Special Learning Disabilities: Nature and Needs FA17
    EDSP 697 Practicum in Special Education SP15
    EDIT 106 Cyberspace, Technology, and Learning SP17
    EDIT 604 Teaching with Technology FA16
    EDIT 610 Instructional Design and Technology Integration FA16
    EDIT 630 Development of Instructional Multimedia FA16
    EDIT 640 Instructional Video Production FA16
    EDIT 650 Teaching and Learning Online FA16
    EDIT 660 Advanced Online Teaching FA16
    EDIT 670 Educational Games and Simulations FA16
    EDIT 677 Assessment Technology and Learning Analytics FA16
    EDIT 680 Special Topics in Instructional Technology FA16
    EDIT 690 Seminar in Instructional Technology FA16
    EDIT 700 Principles of Instructional Design SP15
    EDIT 704 Technology in Curricula SP15
    EDIT 710 Instructional Technology Tools SP15
    EDIT 720 Psychology of Instructional Technology
    EDIT 740 Product Design and Development I SP15
    EDIT 744 Graphic Design for Instruction SP15
    EDIT 750 Product Design and Development II SP15
    EDIT 760 Instructional Technology Leadership SP15
    EDIT 770 Field Experiences in Instructional Technology SP15
    EDIT 780 Seminar in Instructional Technology SP15
    EDLL 603 Research in Reading Methods SP14
    EDLL 604 Practice in Literacy Assessment and Evaluation SP14
    EDLL 605 Organization, Administration and Supervision of School Reading Program SP14
    EDLL 606 Practice Evaluation of Literacy Instruction SP14
    EDLL 608 Content Literacy SP14
    EDLL 621 Developing Literacy Teacher-Leaders within School Communities FA17
    EDLL 622 Action Research in Literacy Coaching FA17
    EDLL 650 Applied Linguistics for ESOL Teachers SP14
    EDLL 651 Principles and Strategies for Teaching ESOL to Elementary and Secondary Learners SP14
    EDLL 652 Teaching Reading and Writing to Limited English Proficient Learners SP14
    EDLL 653 Testing and Assessment for Language Minority Students SP14 
    EDLL 654 ESOL Curriculum Design and Materials Development SP14
    EDML 317 Foundations in Literacy across the Life Span SP17
    EDSC 508 Foundations in Literacy FA17
    EDSC 510 Secondary Adolescent Development and Management FA17
    EDSC 515 Teaching in Diverse Classrooms FA17
    EDSC 518 Reading and Writing in the Content Area FA17
    EDSP 606 Instructional Design in Special Education SP15
    EDSP 610 Characteristics of Students with Severe Disabilities SP15
    EDSP 615 Instruction of Students with Severe Disabilities SP15
    EDSP 620 Language and Communication Skills of Students with Severe Disabilities SP15

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    Humanities & Fine Arts

    ANTH 102 Understanding Other Cultures FA16
    ARTH 105 History of Western Art I SP15
    ARTH 106 History of Western Art II SP15
    ARTH 107 Art Outside the Western Traditions FA16
    COMM 150 Media, Self and the World SUM17
    COMM 276 Communication Research SUM17
    DCD 302 Visual Methods FA17
    ENGL 101 Composition SP15
    ENGL 102 Composition and Critical Reading SP15
    ENGL 290 Business Communication SUM17
    GEOG 200 Digital Earth SP14
    GEOG 204 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems SP14
    GEOG 310 Digital Cartography SP14
    GEOG 311 Earth Observation SP14
    GEOG 312 Spacial Analysis Using GIS SP14
    GEOG 400 Geospatial Intelligence SP14
    GERM 115 German Studies FA17
    HIST 106 Modern World SP17
    HIST 112 World History since 1500 SUM17
    JOUR 312 Media Relations FA17
    LIS 122 Introduction to Intercultural Studies FA17
    MUS 110 Introduction to Music SP15
    PHIL 316 Crime and Justice SP15
    POLI 101 Introduction to World Politics FA16
    POLI 201 Intro to American Government SP17, FA17
    POLI 205 Introduction to Statistics for the Political and Social Sciences FA16
    POLI 315 International Relations SUM17
    POLI 371 Public Police FA17
    POLI 422 Energy Policy FA17
    RELG 102 World Religions SP15
    RELG 104 Introduction to Asian Religions SP15
    SPAN 115 Hispanic Studies I SP15
    SPAN 210D Hispanic Studies II SP16
    THEA 130 Principles of Dramatic Analysis SP17

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    BSHA 382 Budgeting and Finance in Health Care SP14
    CHEM 104 Kitchen Chemistry SP16
    CHEM 104L Kitchen Chemistry Lab SP16
    CHEM 111 General Chemistry I FA17
    CHEM 111L General Chemistry I Lab FA17
    CSCI 101 Intro to the Internet and the World Wide Web SP17
    CSCI 110 Enterprise Business Applications SP17
    CSCI 120 Intro to Web Page Applications SP17
    CSCI 130 Intro to Computer Science SP17
    CSCI 135 Intro to Programming FA17
    CSCI 145 Intermediate Programming FA17
    CSCI 170 Ethics in Computer Science FA17
    CSCI 211 Computer Infrastructure SP17
    CSCI 270 Data Communication and Systems FA17
    CSCI 330 Systems Analysis & Software Engineering SP17
    CSCI 335 Software Project Management SP17
    CSCI 375 Intro to Multimedia Applications FA17
    CSCI 385 Intro to Information Systems Security SP17
    CSCI 415 Windows System Administration SP17
    CSCI 416 Linux System Administration SP17
    CSCI 427 Systems Integration FA17
    CSCI 434 Digital Forensics SP17
    HPRO 361 Comm. in Health Organizations SP14
    IST 650 IST in Context SP15
    IST 660 Introduction to Cyberspace and Information Assurance SP15
    IST 759 Special Topics in Information Systems Technology – Security Patterns SP15
    IST 761 Secure Software Development SP15
    IST 779 Special Topics in Data Analytics – Big Data Analytics SP15
    IST 661 Security Policy, Risk and Intelligence Analysis SP15
    IST 670 Data Management and Analysis SP15
    IST 671 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery SP15
    IST 678 Business Intelligence & Analytics SP15
    IST 760 Secure Networking SP15
    IST 769 Special Topics in Information Security – Secure Cloud Computing SP15
    IST 770 Semantic Web Technologies SP15
    MATH 131 Trigonometry FA17
    MATH 139 Basics Concepts of Contemporary Mathematics SP15
    NUR 301 Transition to Professional Nursing SP16
    NUR 305 Health Assessment SP16
    NUR 305L Health Assessment Laboratory SP16
    NUR 401 Transcultural Concepts in Nursing SP16
    NUR 410 Community Health Nursing SP16
    NUR 420 Nursing Leadership and Management SP16
    NUR 420P Nursing Leadership and Management Practicum SP16
    NUR 424 Nursing Research SP16
    NUR 430 Health Care Systems Politics and Policy SP16
    NUR 410P Community Health Nursing Practicum SP16
    PHYS 103 Science of the Physical World FA16
    PHYS 103L Science of the Physical World Lab FA16
    PSYC 101 General Psychology SP15
    PSYC 420 Child Psychology SUM17
    PUBH 121 Personal and Community Health SP14, SUM17 (CEG)
    PUBH 222 Medical Terminology SP14
    PUBH 310 Issues Family Life and Sexuality SP14
    PUBH 340 Drug Education SP14
    PUBH 375 Global Health Perspectives SP14
    PUBH 404 Nutrition SP14
    PUBH 410 Epidemiology and Quantitative Research Methods SP14
    SCIE 101 Introduction to Science FA17
    SCIE 101L Introduction to Science Lab FA17
    SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology SP15
    SOC 102 Social Problems FA17
    SOC 305 Sociology of Family FA17
    SOC 309 Social Inequality FA17
    SOC 311 Sociology of Poverty FA16
    SOC 350 Juvenile Delinquency FA17
    SOC 351 Deviant Behavior FA17
    SOC 450 Victimology FA17
    STAT 201 Elementary Statistics SP17
    STAT 201L Elementary Statistics Lab SP17

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    University College

    IDS 290 Professional Writing in the Disciplines FA16
    IDS 310 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies FA16
    IDS 333 Interdisciplinary Nature of Careers FA16
    IDS 398 Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies FA16
    IDS 495 Experiential Internship FA16
    UNIV 122 Introduction to Sustainability FA16
    UNIV 315 Service in Sustainability FA16
    UNIV 421 Sustainable Development FA16
    WGST 103 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies FA17

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    LIB 103 Strategies for Academic Research SUM17