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Faculty Course Development Grant (COOL Grant)

‌Course Development Grant Cohort 8 Call for Proposal 2018-2019‌

Faculty Course Development Grants (COOL Grants)

The Coastal Office for Online Learning (COOL), sponsored by the VP of Distance Learning and Teaching Excellence and the Provost's Office at CCU, manage the COOL Course Development Grant Program for the campus. These grants are issued via a Call for Proposals in Fall and/or Spring terms, and are awarded on a competitive basis. In many cases, specific academic disciplines or course formats may be specified in a CFP, to assist the University in meeting strategic objectives.

Faculty who are awarded a COOL grant:

  1. Have approximately one year of development time from start to finish
  2. Are required to attend 1 training focused on the successful implementation of the Quality Assessment Inventory (QAI) in course design, called DISTANCE LEARNING – APPLYING THE QUALITY ASSURANCE INVENTORY". See the CCU list of courses to sign up for an upcoming offering of this class. Depending upon the date of the COOL CD Award, faculty will have 2 or more additional training requirements on specific tools utilized in online instruction. 
  3. Will create their course in line with the QAI self-evaluation tool and will submit their course, once developed, to COOL for a formal review process. All completed courses will be submitted to the COOL Director ( along with the faculty member's completed QAI Self-Evaluation form. This form will be provided to all COOL Grant Awardees during the development process. If you need a copy of this form, please contact the Coastal Office of Online Learning ( 
  4. Upon completion of the formal COOL review, each faculty member will be provided with feedback from the reviewer, including recommendations for updates to his or her course. 
  5. Upon final updates to course and a final COOL review, faculty member's course will become COOL Certified and processing for the COOL Grant monetary incentive will move forward.
  6. For Frequently Asked Questions, please see Course Development Grant FAQs