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Course Enhancement Grants

Call For Proposals Summer 2018

Online learning has evolved rapidly over the last decade as an educational genre capable of serving both residential and remote students, particularly those who face 21st century workplace expectations for continuous learning. These working students have created competitive global markets for online academic programs across a variety of academic disciplines. The Office of the Provost and the Coastal Office of Online Learning (COOL) are pleased to announce the 2nd round of the COOL Online/Hybrid Online Course Enhancement Grant (CEG) program to enhance the development of high quality online and hybrid online courses and programs for graduate and undergraduate students. This specific grant focuses on applying enhancements and updates to previously developed online or hybrid online courses, both those that have or have not undergone review under the COOL Course Development Programs in previous iterations. This Course Enhancement Grant recognize the numerous changes that take place relating to online methodology within a short timeframe, and empowers faculty to meet the needs and objectives of their courses, the University’s Strategic Plan, and the best needs of the individual program. Focus areas for this grant include enhancement of courses along the strands of: Accessibility & Universal Design; Assessment; Communication & Community Building; Interactivity; and Course Organization& Design. CEG proposals demonstrating growth in 2 or more strands areas are required for this grant program, and each area will receive appropriate weighting based on proposed changes. This year, and optional add-on course enhancement component for Open Educational Resources (OER) is also available to eligible participants.

College Deans and Department Chairs are invited to engage their faculty in strategic planning discussions about potential online or hybrid online course curricula that may benefit from an update. Proposals may be submitted for online or hybrid online courses that have not received a COOL Grant in the preceding 18 months.*



Highest Priority

Online/ Hybrid Online course                    $1500/course

1. Core curriculum online courses having high historical or projected enrollments, with planned offerings by Fall 2020 or sooner.

2. Online or hybrid online courses outside of the core curriculum indicating significant need for improvement based on student outcomes, faculty self-evaluations, and other metrics, with planned offerings by Fall 2020 or sooner.

*Only proposals not previously funded through any COOL Grant Program in the previous 18 months from date of submission to COOL are eligible.


Training Requirements



Required (4 education sessions) $100 per session*

REQUIRED sessions for all grant recipients:

1. **Using Best Practices to Update Your Online Learning Course

2. **Personal Lecture Capture for Online/Hybrid Classes

3. *Integration of Accessible Assignments & Activities into your Online, Hybrid and Flex Classes

4. **Applying the Quality Assurance Inventory to Your Online Course

Classes required for CEG program must be taken during the program, or within the previous 18  months                                                                             

Optional Add-on Component:

Open Educational Resources (OER)

(2 education sessions)


Please note that only 10 paid slots are available for the OER supplement. These will be assigned on a first-come, first serve basis.

 $500.00 per course with verified OER component assigned

 REQUIRED sessions for OER participants:

1. Integration of Open Educational Resources (OERs) into your Online, Hybrid , and Traditional Classes-Part 1

2. **Integration of Open Educational Resources (OERs) into your Online, Hybrid, and Traditional Classes-Part 2

**These courses are offered online

* Max $400 total additional training compensation

1) Training –Faculty members accepting assigned course enhancement responsibilities with this CEG proposal must have completed a training session on Applying the Quality Assurance Inventory (QAI), which is the university’s official quality review instrument with best practice standards for online and hybrid online course design. In addition, faculty are required to complete 3 specific training workshops for this program: (1) Integration of Accessible Assignments & Activities into your Online, Hybrid and Flex Classes (2) Personal Lecture Capture for Online/Hybrid Classes, and (3) Using Best Practices to Update Your Online Learning Course. All trainings are taught by qualified training personnel from COOL. Faculty who have previously completed trainings will have training records individually reviewed to determine if these previous courses meet the requirements of the CEG and may be allowed to complete alternative trainings in their place, where eligible. Additional trainings required for OER participants.



1) Eligibility – All full-time and part-time faculty/teaching staff members are eligible. All faculty must receive authorization from their respective departments/deans and final authorization from home college must be completed for faculty to be considered for the CEG program. Courses previously funded under the last 18 month time frame under any COOL Grant Program are not eligible. There are a limited number of CEGs available under this program, and only those proposals submitted that fall within the expressed criteria will be considered. Only one course per faculty member will be considered for this grant in the Summer 2018 timeframe.

2) Timeline – Online applications and final signed College Approval Application Forms must be submitted with all signatures to the Office of Online Learning (Kearns 216) by June 15th at 5 p.m. EST. The Coastal Office of Online Learning Committee will review all complete, eligible applications and make recommendations to the Provost, the VP for Online Education and Teaching Excellence, and the University Distance Learning Committee. College deans will be notified of the final decision by the Coastal Office of Online Learning by June 25, 2018.. The deadline for faculty to complete all training is August 31, 2018. All courses must be submitted for Quality Review by August 31, 2018.

Applications Due Awards Announced COOL Training Deadline Submission for Quality Review to COOL Deadline


06/15/2018 06/25/2018 08/31/2018 08/31/2018  

 3) Compensation – Each faculty member will be paid a single amount of compensation for the online or hybrid online course developed and all required OL training sessions, as verified by memos of completion issued by COOL (see Expectations below). Faculty completing the OER supplement will earn an additional $500.00 for successful completion of this component for his or her course, as verified by COOL. Total compensation will equal $1900.00 (course + 4 training classes for the standard CEG 2018 application; faculty electing to add-on the OER component will earn total compensation equal to $2400.00 (course + 6 training classes and final documentation).

 4) Statement of Intellectual Property – Two university policies provide clarification about ownership of intellectual property for distance learning courses:

a. ACAD 302: I.A.1: Intellectual Property policy

b. ACAD 133: III.B: Distance Learning policy


1. Oversight – College Deans are responsible for oversight and accountability of all initiatives relevant to approved proposals, and are expected to set internal deadlines that align development efforts to meet relevant timelines or protocols of other units, such as college or university curriculum committees and CHE/SACS. Deans determine all assignments of faculty online or hybrid online course development responsibilities.

2. Development – Faculty members assigned course enhancement responsibilities for an approved proposal will be expected to complete all course development requirements by the August 31, 2018 deadline. A completed online or hybrid online course is defined as one that meets or exceeds all criteria listed on the Quality Assurance Inventory (QAI), which may include some revision requests from the QAI reviewer. All courses must be developed inside the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) to qualify for this COOL grant. Faculty members must have completed the QAI self-assessment and submitted their online or hybrid online course through email to the COOL office by no later than the 08/31/18 deadline. OER-eligible faculty member will complete a set of additional documentation at the end of their program.

3. Quality Review – Faculty members assigned online or hybrid online course enhancement responsibilities for an approved proposal must submit to COOL a QAI Alignment Form that details how the updated online or hybrid online course meets each required quality expectation. A certified quality reviewer from COOL will use this form to conduct a thorough analysis of the course’s Moodle site and then generate a detailed report identifying areas of quality alignment, as well as suggestions for improvement. The faculty member will then have the opportunity to revise the course, request a consultation with the reviewer, and write a rejoinder before sending the final course review report to COOL for certification. COOL will make the final decision to issue either a memorandum of completion, or a request for revision and resubmission. Once the official memorandum of completion is issued, compensation processing will be authorized.


Applications for the COOL Course Enhancement Grant (CEG) applications are a two-step process; please make sure to complete each step:

  1. Step 1. Online Course Application Form. Each individual course submitted must include an online COOL Summer 2018 Application including justification, which must be submitted by or before the 06/15/18 deadline. Faculty will receive an emailed copy of all submissions automatically. Faculty members should provide copies of these online applications to their department chairs and deans either electronically or in paper copy when requesting approvals in Step 2, below. COOL will also provide copies to college deans.
  2. Step 2. College Approval Application Form. Once faculty have submitted their online COOL Summer 2018 Application and received the confirmation email from COOL, a copy of this application should be provided to the appropriate chair and dean. Academic college deans should collect all faculty members’ requests for submission on the attached application and will submit the Cool College Approval Application Form in its’ entirety to the Coastal Office of Online Learning. Please note that all college-completed Application Packets must include a designated faculty member assigned to each proposed course, and must be signed by the appropriate Dean, Chair(s), and faculty member(s) of the college prior to submission to COOL.  The deadline for application submission to the Coastal Office of Online Learning at 216 Kearns Hall is 5:00 p.m. EST, June 15, 2018.  Deans should submit only one COOL Summer 2018 Application Packet per college.


If you have additional questions concerning the COOL Online/Hybrid Online Course Enhancement Grant program or the application process, please contact Sherri Restauri, Director of Coastal Office of Online Learning. Additional information about the COOL Course Enhancement Grant and other COOL Grants may also be viewed on the COOL Grant webpage.